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Thirteenth Annual Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon

A Run to Remember

As a tribute to the victims, family members and survivors of the bombing, Oklahoma City hosts the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon.

We run to give to the Memorial. We run to involve the community, the nation, and perhaps the world in the continuing process of coping with the tragedy of the past. We run as a step toward a better future.

The idea to organize a marathon as a memorial to the bombing victims and survivors and as a fundraiser for the Oklahoma City National Memorial came to us early one morning during a training run. Since then, each year has brought growth and challenge. We credit God with getting us this far, and we trust Him to take us on.

For the marathon to truly honor the memories of the lost and serve to inspire the living to greater accomplishment, no effort is spared in making this marathon the premiere running event in the nation. Whether this will be your first marathon, or one of many, whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, this will be the best marathon you have ever experienced.

Oklahoma City IS a Marathon City. The marathon is a wonderful analogy of the character of our people, the history of our trials and difficulties, and the way in which we have overcome and persevered. The Memorial Marathon provides an appropriate way for us to honor the victims and survivors, while at the same time celebrating the miracle of life. It is our hope that you will join people from all over Oklahoma, this nation and even the world in giving this gift to the victims' families, the survivors, the Memorial, and our community.

General Information

We are using the Chronotrack timing system to ensure that everyone receives an accurate time. Per USATF Rule 245.1, Open Men's and Women's and Master Men's and Women's top three awards in the Marathon and the Half Marathon will be based on gun time (the order in which the athletes cross the finish line). Age group and Relay awards will be based on timing system time (the actual time elapsed between an athlete reaching the starting line and finish line). Digital clocks will be located at each mile and at the 5K splits to indicate the unofficial running time. The digital clocks at the finish line display your unofficial time. Official time is determined by the Chronotrack timing system.

To see a video of how the D-Tag Timing System works click here !

Early Start
For those marathoners (full marathon only!) expecting to finish over 6 hours, if you start early and run under 5:00 (reach the finish line before 10:00 am) you will be disqualified. To start early and receive an official time you must be at the starting line no later than 4:15am for a 4:30am start. There is no aid on course until 6:30 am. The course is well marked, but you are responsible for knowing the course and providing for your own fluid needs until the race officially starts at 6:30.

For full guidelines on early start (Click Here)

Fluid Replacement
PowerAde and water will be provided at the Start Line and at 20 fluid stations (see course map). Be sure to vote online at for your favorite water stop when you finish the race!

GU Energy Gel
GU will be available for marathoners after mile 16. There will be other energy food at various stations along the last half of course.

Unofficial runner split times and finish time will be available in the Results tent, located at 5th/Broadway. Results will be posted to within hours of the race finish.

A brief Award Ceremony for the Overall Open Full and Half Marathon Champions will be held at the Finish Line at 10:00 a.m. Please have your bib number with you as verification of your identity. Age group, relay, and clydesdale/filly awards will be shipped to you by FedEx.

Medical & Emergency Plan

Please complete the medical and emergency information on the back of your bib number with a ballpoint or other waterproof pen - this is very important. Medical Staff members will be ready to assist you at any time. Radio communications personnel will be positioned with medical personnel at intervals along the course. Volunteers at fluid stations are able to assist in finding the nearest radio communicator. Medical personnel will have Vaseline and administer first aid.

The Medical Staff and Marathon Officials have the right to withdraw any runner from the race who appears in distress or at risk. There will be a fully equipped Medical Facility at the Finish Line, staffed by a team of professionals until around 3:00 pm. If you have a health or medical problem at the Finish Line, you will be directed to the Medical Area. Please cooperate if you are asked to go for a checkup. Only runners requiring medical assistance will be permitted in the Medical Area. If you feel as if you need help at any point, please ask for it!

Race Day Cancellation, Race Alteration Policy & Weather Policy
It is the primary goal of the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon to provide and ensure a safe event for participants, volunteers and community people alike. We will be diligent in not exposing the participants, the volunteers or the community at large to any undue risk in the production and/or execution of the event. We understand the commitment the participants have made in entering the race, however, the decisions regarding race cancellations and/or alterations will be based on the larger community safety as well as the participants. Moreover, if community resources are threatened, we will act to protect them from unnecessary stress.

When weather conditions or other physical conditions present a danger to the participants as a whole, the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officials maintain the right to cancel the race. Less threatening conditions could cause alteration of the race and/or the race course or length of the race to further ensure participant, volunteer and community safety. The conditions fall under the "Act of God" - and will not result in refunding of any race entry fee or future race credits. The staging of an event of this magnitude places large financial burden on the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon organization prior to the event date. Thus, in the event of a forced race cancellation or alteration, it is probable that the financial impact on race would not be any different than if the race was held without compromise.

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officials, along with city officials will make decisions regarding the cancellation or alteration of the race. Prior to the race, the Oklahoma City Marathon officials will apprise the participants of the weather conditions and how the on-course flag system designation works. Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officials will describe any changes that may be decided as a result of weather or other unsafe conditions. In the case of a course evacuation, Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officials and city police and other city officials will communicate throughout the race course; and will direct participants to safe shelters to await transportation back to the start and/or finish area.

In regards to weather specifically, The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon has adopted the WBGT (wet-bulb globe temperature) index as its standard. High heat and humidity, as measured in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for participation in endurance events could result in cancellation of the event. WBGT is considered ‘the most practical heat stress index characterizing the effect of a heat stress environment on the individual.' WBGT was developed because the dry-bulb temperature alone does not provide a realistic guide to the effects of heat, inasmuch as it does not take humidity and heat radiation into consideration. WBGT is so-called because two of its input variables are wet-bulb temperature and a ‘black-globe' temperature; the third variable is the shielded dry-bulb temperature. The result of the WBGT will be indicated on a flag system that will be displayed at the start and finish area as well as at the 12 medical stations along the race course. The flag color will indicate the safety conditions based on the WBGT readings. They are as follows:


Alert Level

Event Conditions

Recommended Actions



Event Cancelled/ Extreme and Dangerous Conditions


Participation Stopped - Follow OKC Memorial Marathon Official's Instructions




Potentially Dangerous Conditions

Slow down - observe course changes/follow Follow OKC Memorial Marathon Official's Instructions/consider stopping




Less than Ideal Conditions


Slow Down - Be Prepared for Worsening Conditions




Low Risk Good Conditions


Enjoy The Event - Be Alert




No Risk


Enjoy The Event


At the starting line there will be a banner over the street. Suspended from that banner will be 2 flags, each 2'x3'. The flag color will reflect the heat stress at that moment.

Along the course there will be 12 red medical aid (tents) stations. Each medical aid station will be flying a flag of a color corresponding to the heat stress at that time. The flag colors will change within 15 minutes of a change in the heat stress level. The staff at the aid station will know the meaning of each color flag.

Extreme conditions that are high risk already place a burden on community healthcare systems, including emergency medical transportation, as well as hospital emergency room capacity. This burden encroaches on overall community safety and will be recognized as unnecessary and ill-advised scenario of which the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officials will not knowingly place the community in any such position.

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon asserts that each participant assumes responsibility when entering an event with the potential risks that a marathon presents. All runners should be discerning of their own fitness level in their decision to enter the marathon and associated events. Furthermore, it strongly advises all participants to cooperate with directives given by Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon officials and to assist in ensuring the safety of their fellow participants, particularly when conditions are less than ideal.

As the WBGT rises, so does sweating and fluid losses. With fluid losses comes the risk of various heat injuries; heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It is strongly recommended that all runners slow their pace and reduce their risk to heat stress when conditions warrant. Hydration and misting stations to cool does not prevent heat stress if your pace is not adjusted. With rising WBGT runners should increase their planned intake of fluids. Additionally, salt (in the form of pretzels) will be available on the course. Supplemental salt will help prevent cramps. While runners should increase their fluid intake as the WBGT rises, be careful to avoid excessive water intake and the possibility of overhydration, or hyponatremia, which is the dilution of electrolytes in the blood stream to a dangerous level. Adding salt to your hydration plan will help prevent this.

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon offers 22 hydration/water stops on the full marathon course. There are more than adequate amounts to ensure hydration under favorable conditions. If those conditions worsen, additional amounts will be pre-staged and deployed, but it should be reasonable to assume that supplies may not be limitless due to logistical constraints entailed in such a distribution effort.

The Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon is committed to the safety of all of our participants, our volunteers and the community at large.

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