The Oklahoman
By Brandy McDonnell



Gale VanCampen never found out for sure how the Messiah takes his hot dogs, but as far as she can remember, the customer who ordered one the Lord's way skipped the sauerkraut.

"I asked a guy, ‘What would you like on your hot dog?' And he said, ‘Just like Jesus intended it to be!' ... I said, ‘How would that be?' but he was off to the next subject. That was at 2 a.m. I think he went with mustard," said VanCampen as she turned wieners on her grill on a recent night at her Hot Dog OKC cart.

"I really don't look up when we get busy, but I'm trying to listen for funny things. That's what keeps it entertaining for me: trying to find humor in everything."

As it turns out, Oklahoma City's Bricktown entertainment district is a pretty entertaining place to be on a Friday or Saturday night, when the Oklahoma State University graduate regularly slings dogs from her usual spot at 202 E Sheridan. From club-hoppers and concertgoers to stroller-wheeling families and baseball fans, she sees and hears such a wide variety of people that she's decided to write a book called "Things Overheard at the Hot Dog Stand."

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