The Oklahoman
By Steve Lackmeyer



The Park House Restaurant at the Myriad Gardens is ending its two-year run as an upscale eatery and will be converted into a catering center that will only operate as a public restaurant during holidays and special events.

The restaurant opened in 2013, about two years after the $2.9 million building was completed as part of a makeover of the Myriad Gardens funded through Project 180. Peter and Sheree Holloway, owners of the metro's two Cafe 501s, agreed to take a risk on a building that was built without any input from local restaurant operators.

“A lot of times you open a restaurant and you're a pioneer, and sometimes being a pioneer you end up with arrows in your back,” Peter Holloway said Monday. “We've had a lot of challenges, parking being a main one. Visibility is also a problem because all of the activity is in Bricktown.”

Holloway said business at the Park House was inconsistent, with some meals drawing 100 and others drawing 10 people. Such swings caused challenges with staffing.


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