A decade ago, Oklahoma City civic leaders gathered together and contemplated what major changes needed to take place to retain and attract the younger creative class. Little did they know the list included something as simple as a bicycle.The Oklahoman
By Steve Lackmeyer



The reports over the past year about market trends regarding Millennials not buying cars might be sour news to automakers, and the numbers and studies backing such claims are debated among some groups. But anecdotally, there is no denying that bicycles are back in fashion - especially in downtown Oklahoma City.

Just a decade ago, downtown was home to just a few rusted bike racks that were rarely used. But with the advent of Project 180, bicycles are hitting newly established bike lanes, and the Spokies bike share program is rapidly expanding.

Just over the weekend, the local social media community lit up Twitter when Deep Deuce resident Sid Burgess noted that the Spokies rack in Bricktown was empty. All the bikes had been checked out. This sparked a conversation not just about the popularity of the bikes, but also photos and videos taken by Spokies enthusiasts, and interest for more stations. The interest and enthusiasm by young professionals for biking also can be seen along Automobile Alley, where the success of Schlegal Bicycles led to a second bike store across the street from the first one at NW 8 and Broadway.

Downtown has seen the successful launch of bicycle races and spontaneous evening treks through the central business district.

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