EMBARK Launches New Spokies Bikes & Stations

New Trek Bikes Offer Better Ride


Oklahoma City – EMBARK launched major upgrades to the Spokies bike share system last week, by adding 50 new Trek bikes to the fleet and joining the national BCycle network.


The $304,000 upgrade is possible through the collaborative efforts and funding of the Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COTPA), the City of Oklahoma City, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma, and the Federal Transportation Administration


The new bike seats are easier to adjust to accommodate people of different heights, have front and rear hand brakes, have splash guards for a cleaner ride, and the 3-speeds make navigating hills easier.  Besides the comfort factor, several bike features will help Spokies manage maintenance and operations.  The bikes are all GPS enabled to help track their whereabouts, have puncture-resistant tires for urban terrain and are specific to bike share programs and outdoor storage which makes them more durable. GPS allows pass holders to locate available bikes from a mobile device and track calories burned and miles traveled while taking a Spokies trip.


“Spokies is an important part of our multimodal transit network,” says Jason Ferbrache, EMBARK Administrator. “This upgrade is an investment in providing a reliable and active transit alternative. Someone who takes a bus or parks their car in the downtown area can use Spokies to get to their final destination. The new bikes, stations and pricing structure will make that faster and easier.”


The Spokies pricing structure has also been updated. The bikes can be checked out at any of the eight stations in the downtown area for $3.50 per half hour. A monthly pass is $9.95 and an annual pass is $70. Pass holders receive unlimited 60 minute trips. During ozone alert season, 30 minute rides are free on the third Friday of the month. Upcoming dates are August 19 and September 16.


EMBARK’s bike share program is serviced by Bicycle Transit Systems, with bikes and stations provided by BCycle, a unit of Trek Bicycles of Wisconsin. These companies have successfully launched and/or operate more than 40 bike share systems in metropolitan areas in the United States and abroad.  Spokies monthly or annual pass holders have the benefit of using the bike share program when they travel to those metro areas, with only usage fees for longer rides.


To find a Spokies bike or learn more about the program, www.SpokiesOKC.com 



About Spokies
There are eight Spokies stations throughout downtown and within a five minute ride from one another.

Spokies is an EMBARK transit service. EMBARK is the business unit of the Central Oklahoma Transportation & Parking Authority (COTPA) – a public trust administered by the City of Oklahoma City. EMBARK is responsible for providing safe, efficient and convenient public transportation and downtown parking solutions to the greater Oklahoma City area.


COTPA is celebrating 50 years of leadership in providing public transit and downtown parking services to Oklahoma’s capital city.