The Journal Record
By Molly M. Fleming



OKLAHOMA CITY – The 21c Museum Hotel leaders expect Mary Eddy’s restaurant on W. Main Street to stand on its own financially. The restaurant’s entrance to success could be found through a door.

“In some places, the food and beverage take a back seat,” said Sarah Robbins, chief hospitality officer for 21c Museum Hotels. “We see (food and beverage) not only as the top and bottom driver for the property, but it goes back to the best experience.”

The hotel’s food and beverage director, James Tortoreti, and the property’s general manager, Matt Cowden, are on the same level in terms of internal leadership. The art museum director will report to the corporate staff in Louisville, but that person has not been named yet.

While it certainly won’t be the first hotel with a restaurant in the city, some area hoteliers said the restaurant’s layout will help it succeed as its own destination.


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