The Oklahoman
By William Crum



After a brief breakup, it looks like the MAPS 3 streetcar and convention center are getting back together. Reconciliation, though, comes at a price.

City council members agreed in interviews Friday that revising the route and increasing the streetcar budget by about $3 million gives both the train and the convention center the best chance for success.

The decision will put to rest any notion — increasingly remote anyway over the past year — that the line could be extended beyond downtown and Bricktown as part of MAPS 3.

Having a streetcar stop at the convention center is “critical,” Ward 5 Councilman David Greenwell said. “If that's what it takes, I think we should proceed.”

The streetcar was to run down Reno Avenue, right past the convention center, before negotiations to acquire the city's preferred convention center site, west of Chesapeake Energy Arena, broke down last year.


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