See Oklahoma City's best attractions with the 2023 Modern Frontier Attractions Pass.

Looking for a fun way to rediscover Oklahoma City's best attractions? Look no further than the free Modern Frontier Attractions Pass! This mobile passport provides you with a chance to explore and enjoy many of the city's most popular attractions while also earning points that can be redeemed for exclusive offers. It is easy to use and allows you to experience all that Oklahoma City has to offer while staying within budget. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, here's how you can start exploring your hometown like never before. 

My family and I recently signed up for the free pass and experienced OKC in a whole new way. Using the pass felt a bit like a scavenger hunt where we checked in at different locations to earn points. Over three days, we visited the OKC Zoo in the Adventure District, rented bicycles with Ride OKC to cycle around downtown and Scissortail Park, spent time at the Myriad Botanical Gardens, checked out the new murals at Plaza Walls, toured the Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center and so much more. 

With every stop along our journey, we were able to rack up points to be redeemed for exclusive rewards like stickers for our water bottles, enamel pins, tote bags, art swag bags and more. In three days, we covered 14 places and earned a total of 1,400 points! 

The Modern Frontier Attractions Pass has truly been an amazing way for us to explore some of our favorite places and new-to-us attractions (like the 45th Infantry Division Museum and American Banjo Museum) without breaking the bank! Nearly half of the pass attractions are free to visit, while several others offer discounts when using the pass. 

The best part about the Modern Frontier Attractions Pass is that it allowed us to experience Oklahoma City at our own pace. There are 27 attractions on the pass, and we could explore them on our own schedule without feeling rushed or having a tight budget. As a local resident, I often forget about the amazing places right here in my own city - but with the Modern Frontier Attractions Pass, I was reminded of how incredible and diverse OKC really is! 

There are many cool locations included in the pass, there's always something new-to-you and exciting just around the corner! See the included attractions here

So, if you want to explore Oklahoma City in a new way, I recommend getting the Modern Frontier Attractions Pass today! It's easy to get started -- simply sign up online and get the mobile passport sent via text and email to your phone. Then you can use it anytime to experience the Modern Frontier. I know my family and I have already enjoyed exploring our hometown and know you will too.