If you're headed to OKC or you're a local and you're on the hunt for some great live music, head to the Plaza District for First Thursday Saint Sessions - one of the hippest monthly events happening in Oklahoma City focused on Jazz music. Need reasons to attend? We've got five.

1.The artists featured are NYC-quality jazz musicians 
Jazz can be viewed differently around the world. But in OKC, Saint Sessions at Saint's Pub in the Plaza District regularly features musicians that have toured around the world and have performed in top venues around NYC. First Thursday Saint Sessions highlight featured artists who hand-pick their house band and provide the unexpected. The band must adjust what they are doing harmonically and rhythmically in real time to support whoever is soloing. This aspect of improvisation is what really takes audiences on a ride.

saints sessions1

2.The venue is vibey 
So what's Saint's Pub like on First Thursday's? The room is small and dim, but the stage is lit. Everyone in the room is sharing a sense of rhythm with the bass player’s pulls, and people frequently sit with strangers European-style for a sense of intimacy. Everyone from the outside wants in as the music fills the streets of the Plaza District, and they are lucky if they can. It fills up fast, so show up early.

3.The food at Saints Pub complements the music – Saints’s kitchen is run by highly-trained chef Jon Turney, who brings panache to pub food. Chef Turney studied various aspects of culinary arts on the West Coast. You'll find pub items like Fish and Chips or Shepherd’s Pie as well as smoked salmon salad to name a few. Nothing is flashy or fancy, but everything is full of intention and high-detail. It's also great for a date night or an evening out with your friends.

saints sessions2

4.The Emcee, Chanda Graham – Saints Sessions emcee is the charismatic. Chanda is a mainstay of OKC’s jazz and blues scene and has become an icon of Saints Sessions. If you're lucky, she'll grace you with her vocals during a show!

5.The Audience is truly hip – Real jazz can’t happen without the right musicians, without the right room, and without the right audience. If any of these pieces is missing, the show will be okay, rather than amazing. The emcee and promoters make sure the musicians are top-notch, Saints is the largest it could be without losing the intimacy needed for a great club vibe, and the event has a community with a truly hip audience. It can’t be understated that the audience is one of the biggest factor in the equation, and the way the music is played is inextricably linked with the house’s participation. Make Saint Sessions your next stop when you're in town and see just how amazing the live music scene is in OKC.

To get hip to what’s happening at Saints Sessions this month, follow @SaintsSessions on Instagram, and visit OkSessions.com/SaintsSessions.