As we've mentioned before, Oklahoma City's Asian District is home to some of the best, most authentic Vietnamese food in the country. There are a number of Phõ restaurants throughout the district, including the ever-popular Pho Lien Hoa. For traditional Vietnamese cuisine that highlights the fusion of its colonial French counterpart, you can check out Lido Restaurant. There's also fantastic Chinese food options like The Grand House China Bistro. And if all this talk of Asian food has your mouth watering, there's also a supermarket (yes, a supermarket) that's worth a stop on your culinary tour of the area.

Super Cao Ngyuen offers a shopping experience that is hard to find outside of Asia. Strolling the aisles, it can be easy to forget you're in Oklahoma. With an extensive selection of hard-to-find Asian foods, it's known to draw customers from neighboring states. Below is just a taste (pun intended) of some of their offerings:




Indonesian ginger candy 

Super Cao Ngyuen also offers a number of unique gift and souvenir opportunities of the non-edible variety. They have an extensive kitchen and cookware section, including some beautiful serving pieces. They also have a gift section that sells art, statues, vases, bamboo, incense and more. 






So whether you're a foodie looking to stock-up or just looking for an unexpected souvenir, Super Cao Ngyuen is the place to go.