As you might gather from the name, Waffle Champion's waffles are certainly delicious. But their handcrafted house buttermilk or authentic Belgian-style Liege waffles are merely the foundation upon which they create truly inventive deliciousness. They started as one of Oklahoma City's most beloved food trucks, and they now have a permanent home at 1212 N. Walker Ave. in Midtown Oklahoma City.

 The bulk of the menu is dedicated to their craft waffle sandwiches. They have their own take on the traditional chicken and waffles with buttermilk fried chicken, crispy leeks and tabasco honey. For the closest thing to a traditional breakfast, you can go with the Bacon Egg n' Cheese. They take thick cut bacon, fluffy scrambled free range eggs and Tillamook cheddar cheese and wrap it in a waffle, breakfast-burrito style. It makes for a great breakfast or lunch. It also makes you wonder why you haven't been wrapping more of your food in waffles before now. The rest of their sandwich menu is filled with dishes not traditionally associated with waffles, like their lobster roll, smoked duck bahn mi or garlic cauliflower mash.

And then of course there's their "Sweets" menu. Take either style waffle, pile on their house whipped cream and then choose any combination of 20 different toppings like brown-sugar rum bananas, sea-salt pecan brittle, peanut butter mouse or maple bacon icing.

They have some soups and salads to choose from as well, if you're not in a waffle mood. And even their beverage selection goes beyond the usual, with local Elemental coffee, Maine Root natural sodas, and a selection of beer and wine.

They're open for breakfast and lunch from 7am-2pm, Tuesday through Sunday.