You’ve heard about Staycations, but how about incorporating dining into that experience?  For one who wishes to travel but can’t, there is good news! It’s possible to travel the world through cuisine right here in Oklahoma City. Because Oklahoma City has such a melting pot of cultures, we are lucky enough to experience ethnic dishes other city dwellers might have to travel the globe to find.  Try one of the following eateries in OKC that transports you to another continent. 

Peruvian food has become a front-runner in international cuisines of late and we are lucky enough in Oklahoma City to have La Brasa International Cuisine.  Cool down on a scorching summer day by picking from one of their several offerings of ceviche. The Tuna Ceviche is exceptional and mixes diced ahi tuna with avocado, green onions and roasted garlic and dresses it up in a Peruvian-spiced ponzu marinade.  Warm up in winter with their Pollo a La Brasa – Peruvian roasted chicken that’s been marinated for two days then rubbed with twenty spices and spit roasted over charcoal. Make sure you wash it all down with Peru’s National drink – the Pisco Sour, a delicious concoction of Pisco Porton, lime, sugar, whipped egg whites and bitters.

Cafe Kacao - World Foods

Guatemala may be quite the drive, but there’s no need when you visit Cafe Kacao.  Go for the brunch and go as close to opening as you can or you may be lining up out the door. Start off with a  Guatemalan coffee or a Horchata Latte.  You can’t go wrong with the Juevos Motulenos which features sliced avocados over layers of corn tortillas which sandwich in yummy things like black beans, chorizo sausage, salsa, chirmol and crema. Or try one of their fan-favorite sweet breakfast offerings like Banana Brandy French Toast.

Normally one would head across the Pacific to Korea for Korean BBQ but here in Oklahoma City, just head to Chae Modern Korean where the shining star of the show is listed under the Family Plates – the Iron Bibimbap – the marinated short ribs are nestled in rice that crisps in a searing hot cast iron skillet and is topped with a bevy of vegetables and brought to your table where eggs are cracked on top and stirred and cooked into the sizzling skillet.

Vietnam may be quite the distance from Oklahoma City, but Pho Lien Hoa is not and their specialty is a steaming bowl of pho soup that really hits the spot, especially on a cold day.  The broth is simmered for hours, then rice noodles are ladled in, and you can choose from an abundance of meats, herbs and sprouts to toss in and mix up before slurping it all down in satisfaction.

So travel if you will, but you may opt to save on  the airfare and stay right here in Oklahoma City for a taste of the world by just making a short drive!  The plentiful options here make us all travelers right here in our city!