This past Thursday kicked off the 106th Annual State Fair of Oklahoma. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the state fair? Some may say rides. Others will say games and fun entertainment. But most will The food selections at the state fair are like none other. Brittany and I took it upon ourselves to volunteer for the tough assignment of heading out to try this year's food line up. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

Warning: you might need an elastic waistband just to read about all this yumminess.


Fried Oreos from Silver Dollar Concessions

What is this fried goodness covered in powdered sugar? Oreos. Yup, Oreos battered and fried to gooey perfection. (Pro tip: avoid wearing black clothing when partaking in powdered sugar eating.)


Pancho Dog from O'Neil Amusements

It's a staple of state fairs across the country, but Oklahoma's state fair has the best. From the foot-long corn dog to the
classic Poncho Dog, you can find a perfectly, golden-brown
corn dog to fill your tummy. Mustard and/or Ketchup optional.


Rib Tips from Porky's

(Pardon the glare, but we were distracted by the smell of deliciousness.)

The rib tips caught us a bit off guard...mainly because the gentleman at Porky's pretty much threw it at us to sample. But goodness, was it tender and juicy. Porky's also offers turkey
legs and the PBJ Burger: Peanut Butter, Bacon and Jalapenos!


Cheese Curds from D&D Concessions 

Last, but most certainly not least, this fried ball of cheesy wonderfulness wins Brittany and Elisa's "Most Overlooked Fair Food" award. While not fancy looking in the least, the Cheese Curds were by far our favorite snack of the afternoon. You can choose from classic Cheese Curds, Jalapeno Cheese Curds and Taco Cheese Curds with a side of mustard, salsa or ranch for dipping. We went with the classic Cheese Curds and ranch dipping sauce and savored every bite. (I would like some delivered to me right now, thank you very much.)

Haven't made it out to the state fair just yet this year? Not to fret, you still have five nights and five days to get out and enjoy all the food, games and live entertainment you (and your stomach) can soak in. And check out this nifty tool the folks over at the state fair developed: the Oklahoma State Fair Interactive Food Finder! Simply "select a food that fits your mood" and the Food Finder will tell you exactly where to located said fair food. So, plan accordingly and choose wisely. Or choose them all.

Happy State Fair Week!