Whether you are seeking a treat on a cozy weekend morning, an unbeatable brunch with your family on a Sunday or something to grab and go before your big meeting, there is something to be said for having a good breakfast.  It is the most important meal of the day, anyhow.  Luckily, Oklahoma City has some really great spots to try that will please any palette with five of our favorites on the Northwest side of town.  

1.  Bonjour: Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor…they don’t lie.  Bonjour gets five stars for some of the best food in OKC for breakfast and locals are raving about this restaurant as a must-try.  Menu items are French/American with array of options such as Gruyere Biscuit with deli gravy, the Breakfast Ruben made with house corn beef and pastrami and baked goods made fresh daily.  They are open Wednesday-Sunday but go early to grab a seat.
2. Joey’s Café: A little bit of a hidden gem, Joey’s Café is a bit of a quiet place but makes a huge statement when it comes to food.  Brunch is popular at Joey’s along with menu items ranging from traditional omelets, homemade chicken sausage and their Egg Crab Louie with poached eggs served with hollandaise sauce over a fried crab cake and English muffin. Their country potatoes, served with most dishes, are also very tasty!  Joeys

3. First Watch: Fresh daily, First Watch perfectly prepares menu items such as muffins and French toast from scratch.  Everything is made to order and you’re even greeted with your own pot of coffee and newspaper just like you’re at home.  First Watch’s menu is full of traditional breakfast food, 10 types of omelets, a huge selection of healthy breakfast items and First Watch Eggs-clusives such as the popular French Toast Monte Cristo made with sourdough French toast layered with ham, turkey, melted Swiss and creamy Dijonnaise grilled to perfection and dusted with powered cinnamon sugar—it’s delicious!  

4. Jimmy’s Egg: Located just off May Ave., Jimmy’s Egg is a popular breakfast joint serving up traditional breakfast favorites for over 30 years.  Voted Best Breakfast numerous times by locals, their known best for their hot-off-the-griddle pancakes and wide selection of 3-egg omelets—some of which are on the light side for those watching their waist line.  The most popular item is the “Garbage” breakfast which is crisp, golden brown hash browns topped with grilled onions, bell pepper and sausage mix finished with two eggs, homemade bread or biscuits and gravy.  

5. Mimi’s Cafe:  This French inspired restaurant serves three meals a day but their breakfast is worth stopping in for!  From tangy orange zest to creamy goat cheese, authenticity is not only in the cooking techniques but the ingredients at Mimi’s Café.  The menu is unlike many others—Cold-smoked Norwegian Salmon omelet made with three eggs, diced red onions, capers and sour cream is just one example of how you can indulge in a dish here.  Other popular menu items are the Potato Cake Eggs benedict, handmade crapes and quiche, fresh bakery items such as the Cinnamon Broche Roll and their muffins are to die for. Let’s also not forget their drinks…Triple Berry, Mango or White Peach Mimosa’s are sure to top off your breakfast first thing in the morning!

There you have it!  Get your day started by visiting one (or all five) of these breakfast stops and enjoy!