Sure, you can get a hamburger almost anywhere when you’re traveling but there’s not many places you can find a famous onion burger, a burger named after “The King” of music or even one so popular it made The Food Channel more than once. Lucky for you, OKC has some great food… with hamburgers being at the top of the list.  When you’re in town next, make sure you mark a few of these off your list, because after all, it’s been said that American’s consume 13 billion hamburgers a year. The biggest choice is whether you want cheese or not…

Here’s five must-try burger joints you need to eat next time you’re in Oklahoma City:

  1. Tucker’s: Onion burgers started in the 1920s in Western Oklahoma during the Great Depression.  They’d take onions and mix with hamburger meat to make the meat go further.  Today, especially at Tucker’s, they are taking premium beef and topping it with grilled onions which tastes like perfection!  You can make that a single patty or go for the double or if you’re feeling extra hungry go for The Mother Tucker with triple beef and onions.  Other things you should try out while at Tucker’s are their hand-dipped shakes…because why not?

  2. Nic’s Grill: Ask anyone from OKC and they’ll either lead you to Nic’s Grill or tell you about how famous their burgers are.  Small place but big on taste, Nic’s has been serving these famous burgers for more than 40 years.  And with lines out the door and people waiting for a bite, Nic’s has gained plenty of publicity on TV shows such as “Diners, Dive-In’s & Drives” because they are just that darn good.  When filming the show, Guy Fieri claims Nic’s to be “a serious burger” because of the hunk of ground beef and the need for eating it with a fork.   Tip: get there at 11am for a shorter wait because the 17 seats inside fill up real fast or skip the line and head downtown to the east side of the Myriad Gardens to Ice house where you can grab Nic’s burger while lounging outside by the splash pad.  

  3. The Garage:  The biggest decision you’ll have to make at The Garage is your burger choice—because they serve up more than more than 20 unique burgers ranging from the traditional cheeseburger to the Bacon Avocado Ranch to the Hawaiian Burger topped with pineapple salsa and even The Sticky Finger topped with peanut butter, bacon bits, sweet jalapeno relish and cheddar/jack cheese.  Best of all, you can choose Angus Beef, Turkey, Smoked Turkey, Garden Burger or even a Bison when making your selection.  The Garage also offers gluten free options and much more food beyond burgers.  Grab some friends and go.  There’s two locations in OKC—so no excuses!

  4. S&B Burger Joint: Maybe you’re in the mood for a smaller burger A.K.A a slider or maybe you just want the whole darn thing---either way, S&B has you covered.  Serving up gourmet burgers and sliders, S&B’s fresh spin on burgers is unique and not your typical burger.  Named after Elvis, The King burger is another peanut butter and bacon burger that will curb your sweet and salty tooth.  Try others such as my favorite, The Frenchman, which is covered in mushrooms, swiss, friend onions and French onion sauce or even go out on a limb with The Hot Lips burger made with Korean BBQ and house-made kimchi.  Whatever you choose at S&B, pair it with one of their famous Bloody Mary’s.

  5. Irma’s Burger Shack: With two locations in OKC, there’s no reason why you’d want to miss a chance at Irma’s famous Oklahoma raised all-natural No Name Ranch beef hamburgers.  Irma’s also has the best fresh-cut fries and onion rings around which only adds to their mouth-watering burgers.  Try something spicy like the Fire Starter burger made with pepper jack cheese, green chilies and Chipotle ranch or go for something a bit different like the Wynnewood Thunder made with their No Name beef, hot link, chili, fried egg and pepper jack cheese.  Irma’s is also another great spot to try out the famous Oklahoma onion burger, too!