Oklahoma City is home to an amazing variety of local pizza places. Whether you're into thin crust or hand tossed, New York or Chicago style, classic toppings or crazy concoctions; there's a slice for everyone in OKC! 

This week we say farewell to our Sports Business Sales Manager, Jennifer. And obviously, one pizza party just wasn't going to be enough; so we threw her five!

Here's our list of five pizza places you'll want to try while you're in Oklahoma City.

  Here's the complete list of pizzas we devoured in our video. Happy eating! 

  1. Foghorn Leghorn from Empire Slice House
  2. Saturday Night from The Hall's Pizza Kitchen
  3. The Pollinator from Hideaway Pizza
  4. Colossal Meat from Joey's Pizzeria
  5. Soppressata from Pizzeria Gusto