Eating healthy in OKC isn't hard.  Especially with so many healthy options appearing on menus across the city.  We've scoured OKC for some "healthy-ish" foods you can chew{s} this new year.




Where: District House I What District: Plaza District I Menu Item: The Golden State


Where: Kitchen No. 324 I What District: Downtown I Menu Item: Smoked Salmon


Where: Native Roots I What District: Deep Deuce I Menu Item: Smoked Chilean Salad


Where: Picasso Cafe I What District: Paseo Arts District I Menu Item: Quinoa Tacos


Where: Prairie Thunder I What District: Midtown I Menu Item: Prairie Thunder Salad


Where: Red Cup I What District: Asian District I Menu Item: Red Beans & Brown Rice


Where: Nunu's Mediterranean Cafe & Market I What District: North OKC I Menu Item: Veggie Sampler Plate


Where: Park House I What District: Downtown I Menu Item: Grilled Salmon


Where: Coolgreens I What District: Multiple Locations in OKC I Menu Item: Plaza Skinny Wrap


Where: Nourished I What District: Downtown I Menu Item: Cabbage Carrot Fig Salad


So, whether you are counting calories, points, inches or just trying to be more aware of what you put in your mouth, our city's restaurants have plenty of options to get you and your resolutions in check.