They’re fried. There’s sauces. And it’s everything you want and more in a corn dog at Anchor Down, OKC’s new gourmet corn dog restaurant.They’re fried. There’s sauces. And it’s everything you want and more in a corn dog at Anchor Down, OKC’s new gourmet corn dog restaurant. For all you corn dog lover’s out there, we’ve got your new favorite spot. And those who are weary, trust us, you’ll want a bite.

To start things off, we suggest some hush pups. Think bigger and better than normal hush puppies with cheese curds, jalapeños and queso on top. They are delicious! Or if you like the sweeter side of things, they also have a gooey strawberry fritter in vanilla sugar hush pup. (We we’re just too full to try that one – Next time!)

On to the headliner – the corn dogs! Offering everything from your all-American beef to a vegan friendly dog, there is something for everyone here. We tried two types of dogs – the Bird Dog and Cheese Dog. First things first, you need to know each order comes with two big corn dogs and homemade chips (yum) so we suggest you and a friend get two different kinds and switch. Two for the price of one, right?

Your taste buds will go crazy for the Cheese Dog. What we pictured tasting like a grilled cheese on a stick is so much more. The corn dog batter is amazing, the cheese is flavorful and the best part is the tomato gravy to dip it in. If you want to skip the meat, the Cheese Dog is the way to go.

The Bird Dog also tantalized our taste buds. A delicious chicken sausage in an onion batter with the perfect ratio of batter to dog. It comes with an onion dip, which we proceeded to eat with our chips because we couldn’t stop dipping. Is your mouth watering yet?

The last thing you need to remember is: maple mustard. I am team ketchup all the way, but like to give every sauce a fair chance and holy moly I’ve never had a mustard like this! It comes with the Guard Dog, but we got some to try with our Bird Dog and were blown away. If you get the chance, order this sauce! (Sauces people, it’s all about the sauces!)

Anchor Down doesn’t skip on the drinks either. From a great beer selection to craft cocktails and beer cocktails, you’ll find something to quench your thirst. The service is fast, the bar staff is friendly and knowledgeable and there’s also a great dog-friendly patio to enjoy.

So come hungry and experience another great culinary adventure in OKC’s Deep Deuce District!