When diners in OKC are looking for outside-of-the-box options, they head to the Plaza District: a favorite local hotspot lined with unique, only-in-OKC eateries. And OKC's capital of eclectic has come up big again in the area of variety with the addition of Chiltepes Latin Cuisine and Bar. Located on the corner of 16th and Indiana, Chiltepes serves up quite a selection of Latin dishes that includes both Mexican and Guatemalan cuisine. It is a must-try if you are looking to experience a taste of Central America right here in the backyard of the heartland.

Now, I wouldn't recommend a restaurant to anyone unless I have tried it first, and I must say that my experience with Chiltepes could not have been better. I was served complimentary chips, salsa, queso, a cup of chicken broth, and homemade, melt-in-your-mouth, flour tortillas that were made right in front of everyone in the dining area. Since I was at a Latin restaurant, I felt obliged to sample a Guatemalan dish for the main course. The menu is packed with options that are unique to Latin cuisine. I ordered a platter of Guatemalan chicken enchiladas, which do not resemble Mexican enchiladas in any way, but were still  delicious and very unique. For those hesitant to try anything out of the norm, the menu also comes with a section of classic Mexican options. A vast array of Guatemalan sodas, margaritas, and cocktails are also there to entice those in search of variety, and every option on the menu is reasonably priced. 

As I finished my meal, I resisted the temptation of a warm sopapilla or sweet plantains as I was very full. What I couldn't resist, however (can anyone really?), was Pie Junkie staring me in the face as I left Chiltepes. So I caved, and not five minutes later, my face was pressed against the display glass of Pie Junkie as I tried to decide which pie to sample that day (it's not an easy task). I ended up with only two slices on my plate, though I could have easily had more, and I was pleased with my decision. My first slice, The Drunken Turtle, was composed of thick, chocolaty madness topped with warm and gooey caramel and the crisp crunch of pecans and graham-cracker crust. My second slice, the Bird Dog Buttermilk, was rich, creamy, and smooth with the perfect hint of tangy and sweet blackberry flavoring. Pie Junkie also serves up a delicious Sausage Quiche for those looking for an option that is not so sweet. Pie Junkie is full of many divine options with home-grown ingredients and, to be fair, I really could not have gone wrong with any piece.
Yes, the Plaza District was good to me yet again. Chiltepes found a perfect location and will fit right in with the diverse and yummy options that 16th street brings. Check out both of these big hits as well as live music, special events, and local shopping the second Friday of every month at Live on the Plaza. The next one is scheduled for Friday, November 14th from 7-11pm.