Whether you’re a sleep-deprived college student or a business person looking for a place to plug in, or just a hangout with your friends, nothing feels better in the cooler days of fall and winter than holding a steaming cup of java or hot tea. No matter where you choose to caffeinate, there are many delicious and diverse styles of coffee beverages to enjoy throughout the city—this list highlights just a few of our favorite local spots.

Customers ordering coffee at Elemental Coffee

At the center of the coffee boom is Elemental Coffee in Midtown, one of the pioneers of the local coffee scene. The tagline is “coffee in its purest form,” and the Elemental team is committed to showcasing the quality and flavor of their responsibly sourced beans. Three different roasts are available every day, as well as full coffee service: espresso, Americano, cold brew and high-quality teas.
Located in Automobile Alley's 8th Street Market, Prelude Coffee Roasters is serving up a variety of smooth blends to please the palate. The space and the menu are pleasantly simple, making it the perfect spot to enjoy a book or conversation over a specially-crafted latte, espresso or cup of coffee.
Find good company and a great cup of joe at Eôté Coffee Shop + Roastery, the coziest basement coffee shop in Oklahoma City. EÔTÉ, which stands for "Ends of the Earth," is a promise to customers that roasters are determined to source and produce top-notch coffee beans.

Latte at Clarity Coffee

The coffee mad scientists at Clarity Coffee tend to push their beverages to the edges of the culinary experience, with monthly specials that are modern takes on classic coffee drinks. One month might be an agave-lime latte with a base of Ethiopian and Colombian roasts, while another is a local pumpkin spice latte with locally sourced, fresh pumpkin.
Cuppies and Joe
Uptown 23rd
Coffee and cupcakes anyone? Not only does Cuppies and Joe have some of the best cupcakes in town (hint: try the Boom Boom Pow cupcake) but also serves locally brewed coffee in a cozy and inviting atmosphere that is sure to make you feel at home.
Owneres of Junction Coffee in the window of the double-decker bus
Housed in a 1974 bright red, double-decker bus, Junction Coffee is anything but your typical coffee shop. What started out as a desire to build community over a warm cup of joe, Junction quickly became a favorite place for locals to have a space to slow down, sit and talk with an old friend, or make a new one.
Classen Coffee Company may have the coolest building in the coffee business. The old school, low slung stucco building just off Classen Blvd. is filled with nooks, crannies, chairs and tables that create the ideal study zone. The building set vacant for fifty years, but now is a hub for good coffee, delicious pastries and community building, including an on-site food pantry to help the neighborhood. It’s coffee with a conscience.
Red Cup is an offbeat coffee shop that plays by its own rules. In addition to its fresh coffee and primarily vegetarian menu, Red Cup has become a gathering place with a welcoming atmosphere where neighborly staff and locals can always be found.