Oklahoma City locals know why our city is great and so do those who have visited recently. But those who aren't as familiar with all of the positive progress in recent history are about to understand why locals love this city so much. Today, the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau is launching a new advertising campaign geared to meeting planners and leisure visitors that will highlight what a year's worth of research has proven - OKC-ing is Believing!

Here's the technical stuff:
Over the last year a series of focus groups were conducted with three travel trade groups; two groups of leisure travelers from Dallas and three groups in Oklahoma City including representatives from hotels and attractions. The findings across the board with both industry groups and leisure travelers were conclusive. There was a great divide between those who had been to Oklahoma City recently and those who had never visited. Those who had visited recently had very positive things to say but those who hadn't had no perception or opinion at all of the city. Research showed that once focus group participants were shown promotional videos and marketing materials on Oklahoma City they were blown away. And, research consistently proved that when it comes to Oklahoma City, seeing is believing. Now, the term blown away was consistently used and let's be honest...we definitely didn't want to make our tagline blown away for numerous reasons.  Here's a short video that details the campaign:  http://bit.ly/1rkuayn

A word from our President:
"Our new logo incorporates the Skydance Bridge which is a representation of the Scissortail Flycatcher, Oklahoma's state bird.  It is a symbol of our connection to our states history but also a representation of modern and urban which is who Oklahoma has become, said president Mike Carrier.  "Our entire team is very excited about this new chapter in promoting Oklahoma City and what this city has truly become. And, we are just scratching at the tip of what our city will really be in the years to come.  Our creative behind the campaign will take us to that next step in showing the world what OKC has to offer."

What's Next?
Beginning today, digital billboards, website and social media will go out featuring a new appearance as we encourage those not familiar with Oklahoma City that OKC-ing is Believing.

How can you get involved?
We're encouraging you all to start using #SeeOKC in all of your OKC posts. What's in it for you? If your picture is rad enough, you just might end up on our Visitors Guide which is seen by 200,000 plus. Now...go forth and show off what OKC means to you through the lens of your phone or camera!