Oklahoma City is home to some pretty incredible food trucks. The truck owners and operators are genius in the way they speedily deliver fresh food to massive amounts of customers in a short amount of time. They’re also brilliant at developing unique menus and marketing themselves creatively.

But why did the food truck craze hit OKC so hard? Well, Oklahomans are known for enjoying good food, but the bigger reason is likely because our community loves to support locally-owned small businesses and we love gathering together

Food trucks based in Oklahoma City offer so many types of cuisine, you’ll be surprised at the variety. There are more than 110 trucks that serve in and around OKC! From gumbo and gourmet pretzels to shaved ice and seafood, our city has embraced food trucks and shown us that they’re not just a fad.

H&8th monthly food truck festival in downtown’s Midtown district has had a huge impact on the popularity of mobile food vendors. Every month March through October, more than 25,000 people show up at the corner of N.W. 8th and Hudson in for food trucks, live music, local vendors and more.

Also contributing to the success of the food truck industry, is the opening of Oklahoma City’s first food truck park, Bleu Garten, also located in Midtown, which caters to foodies and fun-lovers year-round.

Here’s a short list of recurring monthly events in OKC  where you can find food trucks:

Live on the Plaza in the Plaza District – 2nd Friday of each month

Shop Hop on Automobile Alley – 3rd Thursday of each month

Premiere on Film Row – 3rd Friday of each month

On the Lawn on Western Avenue – 1st Thursday of each month

H&8th Night Market – Final Friday of each month

The national food truck industry continues to thrive and grow, and it is expected to surpass $2.7 billion in annual sales by 2017. Mobile boutiques like OKC’s own Cargo Room and GrpFly, beer carts like Coop and Red River Beer, and other industries like mobile dentists, barbers, nail salons and more will keep popping up.

And if you’ve never had a meal from a food truck, don’t be intimidated. OKC’s truck owners are the nicest around, and they love to show off for new customers. Download the Truck It OKC app on iPhone or Android devices for free to find where the trucks are located at any given time all around the metro area, then give ‘em a try. You’ll be a food truck fanatic at first bite.