Mexican food is a staple part of any good diet and OKC’s newest farm-to-fire Mexican kitchen, Cultivar, does not disappoint! From their fresh tortillas and delicious queso to a walk-up bar and outdoor patio, the atmosphere is a great place to hang out in Automobile Alley.

Cultivar can be referred to as a fast-casual authentic Mexican restaurant - you order first, then find a seat. Pro-tip: there are two lines to order. One line for salads, burritos and bowls and the other for just “off the menu” items such as street tacos or quesadillas.

Cultivar Food

For those choosing a salad, burrito or bowl it is a similar concept to Chipotle or Freebirds, except here you get to start by picking out your lettuce! Picture a wall full of all your favorite leaves, for a lettuce snob, this is an exciting feature. Then you continue down the line adding all the ingredients including rice, beans, meats and any toppings you want.

If you decide to go with a quesadilla and a side, simply head up to the register and order. But don’t forget the queso and guacamole! Their chips are cut into strips, making them perfect for dipping and you could easily lick the bowl clean of their queso. After you order, you are given a number with a location tracker so they bring the food right to your table which is awesome. From here, just sit back and enjoy your meal!

The rotisserie chicken is delicious and flavorful. The quesadilla has the perfect amount of cheese to meat ratio and the salsa to dip it in is divine. And for the love of all things tasty, if you like Mexican street corn, we high recommend trying theirs! It is already off the cobs and packed with tons of flavor.

We will see you at a table snacking on some queso very soon!