Knucks Wheelhouse is a fairly new face along the canal in Bricktown and it's not your typical slice of pizza.  From the moment you walk in the doors you'll see the colorful chalk art on the wall, the aroma of fresh, made daily, pizza and a fun game of corn toss along the wall.  The sound of great 80's and 90's tunes fills the restaurant and there's plenty of seating for everyone. This pizza joint has been on my "Must Try" list since it opened so a few of us from the office gave it a go!

For their starters, we tried the Duck Fat Truffle Fries which is a pound of shoestring fries that are fried in duck fat and tossed in truffle salt, pecorino and parsley.  On the side was truffle aioli which was the perfect addition to the already scrumptious fries.  Because we dined in during lunch, we all went for their $5 pizza and drink lunch special and I'm glad we did! A slice of pizza was the size of my face (or larger) and definitely hit the spot.

I went with the suggestion of the employee taking our order and tried "The Hoochie Cuchi."  The giant pie was loaded with bacon, prosciutto, pecorino, pesto and mozzarella and was a great suggestion for my first time in.  I will say, I eyed the pepperoni pizza across from me the entire lunch.  The pepperoni on their pizza was the size of the palm of my hand and crisp to perfection.  I especially liked their crust, which is made with an Oklahoma local beer, Coop Native Amber.

There's a huge selection of pizza, beer and specials at Knucks and best of all their weekend hours are made for those looking to eat once everything else shuts down.  Who doesn't like a pizza as late as 3 a.m. in OKC's Entertainment District?  You can even dine until Midnight Monday through Thursday, too. 

Knucks is located along the canal right above Captain Norm's Dockside Bar and next door to Hooters. You can also find them on social media but I warn you...their pictures will make you hungry at all times of the day.