What do bones, banjos and birds have in common? They all have a museum dedicated to them in OKC! Sure, Oklahoma City has museums but we've got a lot of quirky, not-so-typical ones and sometimes the little ones prove to be the most fascinating. Here's a quick list of just a few you can visit on your next trip in town:

The American Pigeon Museum & Library
A whole museum dedicated to the heritage of the domestic pigeon. Who knew?!

American Banjo Museum
Even if pickin' and grinnin' isn't your thing, seeing the beauty of these instruments is definitely worth a stop.

Museum of Osteology 
Bones and skeletons abound, with more than 300 skeletons and 400 skulls, as well as a hands-on Explorer's Corner; the Museum of Osteology is the perfect place to take curious souls.

99s Museum of Women Pilots
Celebrating the contributions that female pilots have made to aviation for more than 80+ years, this little know gem is located by Will Rogers World Airport making it the perfect pit stop whether you are coming or going!

Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum
For a little taste of history, take the family to the Oklahoma State Firefighters Museum which houses 13 classic fire trucks and several other exhibits.

The International Gymnastics Hall of Fame
Located inside Science Museum Oklahoma, this hall of fame not only honors the world's top gymnasts, but allows the kids test out their own gymnastics skills!

Oklahoma Museum of Telephone History
From vintage telephones to telephone company memorabilia, the museum offers a look inside Oklahoma telephone history.

Porcelain Art Museum
See the porcelain artistry on display at the Porcelain Art Museum.

Oklahoma Railway Museum
Take a train ride on the first and third Saturday of every month from April to August, tour historic locomotives or enjoy A Day Out with ThomasTM this September and October.

OKC Rattlesnake Museum

Get up close and personal with a selection of rattlesnakes from the US, all of the venomous snakes of Oklahoma, venomous lizard and more

Now it's time to get out there and explore OKC. You've definitely got your pick of interests here!