Packard's New American Kitchen is one of the newest additions to the rapidly developing Midtown District. Housed in a historic Packard Automobile dealership at 201 NW 10th St., it has all the charm you'd expect in a local, Midtown eatery, right down to the original Packard showroom tiles.

Packard's describes its menu as "a modern take on classic American favorites using locally sourced ingredients." They make their own breads, pastas and charcuterie (meaning they also make their own sausages and other cured, smoked and preserved meats). It's a favorite for foodies, but still approachable for those of us who have to Google the term "charcuterie." 

Below are two of the selections our staff enjoyed during a recent visit for lunch:

Packard's Ribeye Burger: Packard's Sesame Bun, Ground Mustard, Spicy Tomato Jam. I added cheese, but skipped the optional egg, house pancetta and bacon. This is a perfect example of their "modern take on (a) classic American favorite." No ground-round here, folks. Just pure deliciousness.

Sticky Toffee Pudding with House Ice Cream (before and after): As you can see, this dessert didn't stand a chance at our table. It was big (and rich) enough to share, and we devoured it. The candied oranges were a nice treat too.

A lunch at Packard's is in the $10-$15 range. Our Ribeye Burger was $10, and dessert was $8. They also do a great dinner, with entrees in the $15-$30 range. And their full bar features unique cocktails like the "Pack Mule" (vodka, ginger beer, sweetener, lime, rose).