You know what makes Oklahoma City cool?  Here's one answer- deadCENTER Film Festival. Oklahoma's largest film festival is listed as one of the 20 "Coolest" festivals in the world.

And the name refers to the geographic location of the festival which takes place in the dead center of the United States---Our great city! It's so cool that it's featured thousands of films from around the world and has been pleasing festival-goers for 14 years now.

Starting June 12 deadCENTER Film Festival will kick off their Opening Night Party at 5:30 p.m. on the rooftop of the Museum of Art offering a backdrop of Oklahoma City's skyline and much more.  Following the opening party will be the after party (Parking Lot song ,anyone?) at Iguana Mexican Grill located in Automobile Alley.  Events and happenings will take place each day including activities for kids and even an outdoor concert.  The event will wrap up Sunday, June 15 with another after party at Flint until the wee hours of the morning celebrating another successful year.

So, if you like movies, art,  food, drinks,  possible late nights and attending cool festivals then this event is for you! You may just spot a celebrity or two as well.  Pretty cool, eh?

Independent films are the focus of this event and the mission is to promote and encourage the celebration of them.  We hope to see you at the celebration here in OKC!