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    Little River Band

    Little River Band

    • Times: 8:00 PM
    • Location: The Criterion
    • 500 E. Sheridan Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73104
    • Oklahoma City, OK
    • Price: $35-$75
    • Times: Starting: 08:00 PM; Doors @ 7:00 PM
    • Phone: (405) 840-5500
    • Visit Website

    Little River Band will perform Thursday May 2nd at The Criterion!


    Little River Band is an Australian rock band formed in Melbourne in 1975 and named after a road sign for the Victorian township of Little River, on the way to Geelong. The founders were Glenn Shorrock (ex-The Twilights, ex-Axiom), Graham Goble (ex-Mississippi), Beeb Birtles (ex-Zoot, ex-Mississippi) and Derek Pellicci (ex-Mississippi). They were the first Australian rock group to enjoy sustained commercial success in the United States. During their career the band have sold more than 25 million records and scored 13 American Top 40 hits.There is currently no original founding members left in the group.

    Glenn Shorrock (vocals), 1975-82, 1987-95
    Graham Goble (guitar, vocals), 1975-90
    Beeb Birtles (guitar, vocals), 1975-83
    Derek Pelliccci (drums), 1975-84, 1987-97
    Graham Davidge (lead guitar), 1975
    Rick Formosa (lead guitar), 1975-76
    Roger McLachlan (bass), 1975-76, 1998-99
    David Briggs (lead guitar), 1976-81
    George McArdle (bass), 1976-79
    Barry Sullivan (bass), 1979-80
    Mal Logan (keyboards), 1979-80
    Wayne Nelson (vocals, bass), 1980-95, 1999-
    Stephen Housden (lead guitar), 1981-2006
    John Farnham (lead vocals), 1982-86
    David Hirschfelder (keyboards), 1983-86
    Steve Prestwich (drums), 1984-86
    Malcolm Wakeford (drums), 1986
    Peter Beckett (guitar, vocals), 1989-97
    Tony Sciuto (keyboards, guitar, vocals), 1990-92, 1993-97
    Richard Bryant (keyboards), 1992
    Steve Wade (lead vocals), 1996-99
    Hal Tupaea (bass), 1996-97
    Kevin Murphy (drums, vocals), 1999-2004
    Adrian Scott (keyboards, vocals), 1998-99
    Paul Gildea (guitar, vocals), 1998-99
    Glenn Reither (keyboards, saxophone, vocals), 1999-2004
    Greg Hind (guitar, vocals), 2000-
    Kip Raines (drums), 2004-2005
    Chris Marion (keyboards), 2004-
    Billy Thomas (drums), 2005-2007
    Rich Herring (lead guitar), 2006-
    Mel Watts (drums), 2007-

    Current line-up:
    Wayne Nelson (lead vocals, bass)
    Rich Herring (lead guitar)
    Greg Hind (guitar, vocals)
    Chris Marion (keyboards, vocals)
    Mel Watts (drums, vocals)

    Little River Band