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    Spring Break Drop-In Activities

    Spring Break Drop-In Activities


    It is Spring Break across the Oklahoma City Metro area! Drop by and participate in family friendly activities inspired by the Museum’s exhibits.

    March 18
    Make a Tipi
    Nomadic Plains Indians followed their food sources and had to pack up and move quickly. Portable shelter, like tipis, made this easier. Make your own miniature version!

    March 19
    Canvas Art

    Create your one-of-a-kind work of art with a canvas and acrylic paints. Paint a bison, landscape, or whatever your heart desires. Hang it on your wall or gift it to someone special.

    March 20

    Many Plains Indian tribes were nomadic – traveling the Great Plains on horseback and on foot. A common item used for packing was the parfleche bag. Made from rawhide, these durable storage bags protected a variety of items. Create a parfleche bag and use it to store your own items.

    March 21
    Gayle Ross – Cherokee Storyteller

    Storyteller Gayle Ross shares Cherokee tales from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Following the storytelling session, try out traditional Native American games including Game of Grace, ball and cup, and more.

    March 22
    Bison Gallery Hunt
    Bison were essential to the lives of Plains Indians. Their meat, hide, and bones provided food, shelter, clothing, and other important items. The Museum’s galleries contain many examples of items made from bison as well as artwork celebrating them. This gallery hunt will help you find some of these artifacts and paintings.

    Spring Break Drop-In Activities
    • March 18, 2019 to March 23, 2019
    • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
    • Free to Museum members or with Museum admission
    • Recurring daily