Oklahoma City Convention & Meeting Services

1,000+ Rooms on Peak Night – City-Wide Hotels

For conventions and meetings that fall into this tier, we will:

  • Provide plastic OKC bags for registration materials (pending inventory)
  • Provide (up to 15) VIP welcome gifts for board members, speakers or special guests
  • Produce (1) welcome signage at headquarter hotel for event
  • Produce digital Bricktown welcome signage (pending downtown accommodations)
  • Produce digital airport signage for groups with high regional, national and/or international impact at airport
  • Provide a customized flyer for our Discover OKC Discount Program. This program provides discounts for your attendees to local restaurants and businesses in the downtown area
  • Provide an online housing system, Meetingmax, with real time feed between the system and hotels to track reservations, room pickup, etc. (Ask about our in-house specialist!)
  • Assist with transportation, including Downtown Discovery route information, airline schedules and private shuttle service contacts
  • Send out convention alerts to our industry partners before your event
  • Provide a special “OKC Welcome” at your Opening Session to include a staff member welcome with visitors’ information/brochures for attendees
  • Assist in or attend pre-promotional conference in advance of event (Please see our Pre-Promote Menu)
  • Setup and customize a micro-website tailored to your specific event

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