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With so many developments recently completed or opening soon, you can see why answers to the question of “what’s new in Oklahoma City?” become a little long-winded. Oklahoma City has earned a bit of reputation for big projects, with more than $5 billion of public and private investment in quality-of-life projects and improvements happening over the past two decades. “New” is what we do around here, and the best is yet to come. But beyond what's new, here's even more reasons you'll want to meet in OKC soon.

Top 5 Reasons to Meet in OKC

1. Location, Location, Location

Oklahoma is in the center of the U.S., Oklahoma City is in the center of Oklahoma, and downtown...

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2. Not too big, not too small

We've been referred to by some as "The Big Friendly." Spend any time here, and it's easy to see why....

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3. Your Dollar Goes Further in OKC

Our low cost of living in Oklahoma translates to a low cost of meeting in Oklahoma City. Everything...

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4. We're a city on the rise

Since 1993, Oklahoma City has seen more than $5 billion of public and private investment in...

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This one pretty much sums it up. We just don't have the stress and hassles you'll find in other...

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Meeting Planner Testimonials

If we could bring every meeting and event planning professional to beautiful OKC to see our booming, blooming city, we know you would be enchanted by everything we have to offer. As much as we’d love to do that, it’s not practical. Instead, here are respected industry professionals – your peers – in candid interviews about their personal experiences in OKC...

Darla Huckaby

Preconceptions of Oklahoma City changed the first time she experienced it herself.

Darla Huckaby

Preconceptions of Oklahoma City changed the first time she experienced it herself.



Your Attendees Will Love OKC

"The Decision to Attend Study," IAEE's recent examination of the behaviors behind the decision to attend, confirmed that a convention's host destination is a big factor with attendees: Number 2 on their list, to be exact. Also mentioned was the importance of rotation and experiencing new places. And more than half of those surveyed were likely to not only attend but also extend their stay or bring others with them if it was a destination they wanted to visit. Check out why OKC will leave your attendees wanting to do both.


See the Sights in OKC

What’s there to do in OKC? What isn’t there to do? From treasure-filled museums to fun and funky festivals, outdoor...

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OKC Food Scene

Looking to dine at some of the best local joints in town? Oklahoma City is home to a rich mix of cultures and culinary...

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OKC Nightlife

Kick up your cowboy boots or your stilettos - Oklahoma City is always ready for a night on the town. With country line...

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Urban Outdoor Recreation

Not many urban destinations can claim the diversity of outdoor recreation options we enjoy in OKC. From climbing to hiking to...

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Downtown Districts

Our convention center is just steps away from a number unique districts attendees will love exploring. Check out the videos below to get a feeling for what awaits you in each downtown district... 




What Others Are Saying

What once was a hidden gem is a little less hidden nowadays. See what national media outlets, travel bloggers and others in-the-know are saying about OKC. Spoiler Alert: They're impressed.




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