If we could bring every travel, meeting and event planning professional to beautiful OKC to see our booming, blooming city, we know you would be enchanted by everything we have to offer. As much as we’d love to do that, it’s not practical. Here are respected industry professionals – your peers – reflecting on their personal experiences of Oklahoma City.

What Meeting Planners are Saying

"You've got a really great variety that catches and captures a lot of different people's interests, and I think people will be surprised surprised at all of the top-class facilities that Oklahoma City has to offer."

-Darla Huckaby, Conference Direct

“Virtually every large event that the United States Olympic Committee has, we’ve held here. In terms of comparing Oklahoma City to other places, it’s hard to do – but in a good way. Oklahoma City has all of the things that you look for.”

-Rick Adams, United States Olympic Committee

“We have a very specific RFP when it comes to what we’re looking for, and we get lots of inquiries from other cities who want us consider them – but frankly, they don’t have the package that you have here in Oklahoma City.”

“The people in the Convention & Visitors Bureau – they just have a can-do attitude. They can get it done. If you’ve got a challenge, they step up to the plate."

-Keith Burden, National Association of Freewill Baptists

“It’s nice to get people in a city they wouldn’t go to on vacation – somewhere they might not have gone on their own, and they get to experience something different. We have a pretty high return rate every single year. The common theme is I had no idea this was here. I didn’t realize Oklahoma City had so much to offer.

-Lauren Warkentine, Computer RX

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