Are your attendees craving adventure and fun in the great outdoors or the chance to tackle a challenge shoulder-to-shoulder with colleagues and new friends? Attendees at conventions are expecting something different these days, looking for experiences that are unique to an area and that you can't find anywhere else. Oklahoma City has a wealth of action-packed group activities that will get the heart racing, the mind sharp and will create memories for years to come.



For thrilling ways to improve collaboration, build trust and inspire your group to be more creative, the Boathouse District has multiple options for team building. The activities are held on both land and water, all geared toward helping your team work together more effectively. At RIVERSPORT, try your hand at urban whitewater rafting and kayaking or conquer your fears on the 700-foot SandRidge Sky Zip Line and America’s tallest dry slide. Attendees can also participate in motivational sessions with Olympic athletes.


Rev up your heart rate, explore Oklahoma City and enjoy a nice cold one with the Bricktown Bike Bar in Bricktown. This two-hour tour consists of three bar stops, which can be chosen by participants. In addition to learning about the city, meeting attendees can make new friends, relish local craft beer and get a workout on top of it.

Ride OKC will show you the city’s best sites that likely wouldn’t be found on their own. The biking tour offers insight into the unique history, art, architecture, craft beer and local food scene, with customizable tours to fit group specific needs.


Want to discover some of Oklahoma City’s hidden treasures? The Oklahoma River is famous for watersports like rowing, kayaking and Olympic training, but the river itself, in addition to the scenery and wildlife, is just as exciting. Take a break from the conference room and hop on an Oklahoma River Cruise for a great way to explore the water, the city and the scenic views.

Summit gym


Rock climbing, yoga and fitness have come together at Oklahoma City’s indoor rock-climbing gyms, offering heart-pounding classes that build confidence, strengthen partnerships and help overcome challenges. If you're looking to stay downtown, check out the indoor grain silo known as Summit Gyms. If you're in north OKC, Threshold Climbing Gym is perfect for your group.


One of the fastest growing sports in the country, stand up paddle boarding, is a full body workout that can be as challenging – or as easy – as you make it. Oklahoma City has a plethora of SUP Paddleboard opportunities in which attendees can move leisurely or even race other visitors for a fun challenge. Flat Tide and the RIVERSPORT Route 66 Boathouse both offer this outdoor experience. Get out on the water for an experience you won’t forget!



Make all your flying dreams come true! Even those with a fear of heights can experience the thrill of skydiving at Oklahoma City’s iFly indoor skydiving center. Meeting attendees can suit up and enter the Flight Chamber for flight lessons with certified instructors. Private events and parties are also available.


You have less than an hour to save the world. Working as a team, you have to foil the plans of a mad scientist or escape a doomed lab, and in order to do that, you need everyone working together. Escape rooms can engage the minds of participants and challenge team-building skills. Large group activities can be booked at The Escape OKC, The Sanctuary Escape and Breakout Games, all located in the city. The Escape OKC will even come to you in their mobile escape truck!