Media Trip Request

Thank you for your interest in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau is pleased to assist journalists who are researching and developing features for articles, books, broadcasts and other media outlets.

We receive a considerable number of requests from journalists seeking media privileges. A limited number of press visits are available and are generally arranged on a case-by-case basis for journalists on assignment. To most effectively meet your editorial, photographic and/or broadcast needs, we ask your cooperation in following these guidelines when requesting a press visit:

  • We request a minimum of two business weeks' notice for a press visit once we have received all your credentialing information. This allows us to pursue suitable, available lodging and make other arrangements to enhance your visit.
  • Freelance journalists should forward recent examples of travel or travel-related feature coverage to
  • Immediately notify the OKC CVB of a change in plans.
  • To remain on our preferred media list, please forward an original copy of your print or online published feature, CD or DVD, as well as air dates, as soon as possible after the feature runs.

Please note that discounted or complimentary arrangements are provided at the discretion of the host businesses and are subject to availability. These arrangements are determined by a point system based on media outlet, audience, reach and other factors. Black-out periods may be experienced throughout the year that may affect the possibility of press rates at hotels. The Oklahoma City CVB is not able to provide airfare for your trip nor pay for ground transportation or meals when not accompanied by a CVB staff member.

Please understand that our primary concern is assisting members of the working media. Host locations are not always able to accommodate spouses, children and visitors accompanying working journalists. CVB policy prohibits the hosting of journalists if the primary purpose of the trip is leisure or holiday travel for that individual with family and/or friends.

Again, thank you for your interest in OKC! We look forward to assisting you with your research.

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