Stockyards City Dining

Front Door to Cattlemen Steak House

Cattlemen's Steakhouse

The word "iconic" is tossed around entirely too often when it comes to restaurants, but existing for 100 years certainly qualifies Cattlemen's Steakhouse to use the descriptor. Located in Stockyard City, the erstwhile stopover for cattle drives from Fort Worth to Chicago, the local steakhouse is hands-down the most storied restaurant in Oklahoma City.

Locals flock to Cattlemen's for breakfast. They serve all three meals, but breakfast features some of the best steak and eggs in the city. Cattlemen's is a meat-lover's paradise, so you can get any steak on the menu for breakfast. They are aged in house, never frozen, and cooked over open flame. For the truly adventurous, calf brains and eggs are also on the menu.

Since we are on the subject of odd foods, Cattlemen's is famous for lamb fries. They are battered and fried, and then served with cocktail sauce. Typically, locals get them as an appetizer, but they are also available as an entree--served with baked potato. The lamb fries have a musty flavor, much like mushrooms, and like mushrooms, they are delicious.

Lunch and dinner options are very similar, featuring steaks, chops, chicken, ham steaks, chicken fried steak and seafood. All entrees come with a side salad and fresh rolls. There is a full bar and an extensive wine list. Cattlemen's also has a small children's menu, and you will want to have a slice of pie to finish the meal.


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