OKC Districts on the Rise

Beyond OKC's thriving districts are a few noteworthy neighborhoods and locally loved areas that may offer just the experience you're looking to explore. 

Farmers Market District

Located on the southwest edge of downtown Oklahoma City, the OKC Farmers Market District has been a center of local foods, distribution and public events since the early 1900's. Embracing its historic role as a farmers market, local food hub, event venue and production center, the OKC Farmers Market District is home to two weekly farmers markets, a plant nursery, a food truck park, restaurants, bars, yoga studio, breweries, craftsmen furniture designers and industrial manufacturers.

Horizons District 

Situated just east of I-35 and south of I-40 along the Oklahoma River, the Horizons District is anchored by the First Americans Museum and the OKANA Resort & Indoor Waterpark, opening in 2025. The Horizons District is a destination where immersive entertainment, cultural education and captivating surroundings meet.

Innovation District 

Nestled in Northeast OKC, this district stands as a beacon of innovation, fostering progress through advancements in research, technology, energy, healthcare, biomanufacturing and aerospace. The Innovation District will support the region in being more competitive, both in attracting investment and the talent necessary to continue OKC's growth in these sectors.

SW 29th District / La 29

The SW 29th District / La 29 is a vibrant and diverse commercial corridor in the heart of OKC’s Latino community. It spans over three miles along SW 29th Street, from S. May to S. Shields. Over the past two decades, the Hispanic population in south central OKC has witnessed significant growth. As a response to this demographic change, SW 29th street started offering grocery products and services catering to the Hispanic community, quickly gaining recognition as a popular destination for Hispanic residents to dine and shop.

WesTen District 

WesTen District is the home to a wide range of businesses, plus Council Grove, a timber reserve of cottonwood, elm and oaks. In the early 1900s it was a major corridor from downtown Oklahoma City to Yukon. The history of WesTen area dates back to the 1940s. In 2015, the community group known as Friends of NW 10th Street adopted the original name of the business district — WesTen. Enjoy local dining options such as the Chuck House Restaurant and Polar Donuts.

Windsor District 

Oklahoma City's Windsor District is located between I-44 West to Peniel, between NW 16th & NW 36th Streets. The district has been a local favorite for shopping, dining and entertainment since the development of the Windsor Hills Shopping Center in 1959. The Windsor District has experienced many seasons and continues to grow and serve the businesses and residents of the area.