Explore Latino Events in OKC

With a Latino community that makes up 20% of the city, it's no wonder OKC throws unforgettable fiestas. Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and cultural celebrations that bring this city to life. Whether you're a local or just visiting, get ready to experience the heart of Oklahoma City's Latino community. Here are some of the best Latino OKC events to add to your calendar!

Major Annual Events

Some fiestas only come around once a year, so we make sure to make them memorable. Don’t miss out on these OKC Latino events:

Fiestas de las Américas

One of our flagship events, Fiestas de las Américas, takes place in September in the Historic Capitol Hill district. This colorful festival celebrates the many cultures of the Americas with parades, folkloric dance performances and traditional music. Artisans and food vendors line the streets, creating a lively atmosphere that our Latino community is known for. 

Festival de Vida y Muerte

At Scissortail Park, the Festival de Vida y Muerte commemorates the Day of the Dead. This profound celebration of life and remembrance features traditional dances, colorful altars and authentic Mexican food. If you’ve ever wondered how they celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico, this OKC event is the next best thing. Find out when and where to join the Festival de Vida y Muerte.

Cinco de Mayo Festival

Also held at Scissortail Park, the Cinco de Mayo Festival is a dynamic event filled with music, dance and traditional foods. This festival uplifts Mexican heritage and pride with an array of activities suitable for the whole family. 

Festival ChapÍn

Man and woman holding the Guatemalan flag at Festival ChapÍn

Organized by the Comité Guatemalteco Oklahoma, the Festival ChapÍn aligns closely with Guatemalan Independence Day on September 15. This celebration includes traditional music, dance and Guatemalan culinary delights and generally takes place in mid-September. For updates and event specifics, follow their Facebook page.

Ongoing Fiestas

Historic Capitol Hill and the SW 29th District are hubs for Latino cultural events in OKC. These districts host major festivals and serve as venues for ongoing cultural activities, including the OKCine Latino Film Festival, which showcases Latino filmmakers and stories, and the Dia del Niño Festival, an annual event that celebrates childhood.

These events offer a wonderful opportunity for all to explore and appreciate the vibrant cultural scene of Oklahoma City. We’ll see you there!