Host Your Next Green Meeting in Oklahoma City: Sustainable Meetings Done Right

Gone are the days when sustainability was an afterthought in event planning. Nowadays, attendees and clients alike anticipate that meeting organizers will prioritize the event's environmental impact. It's a significant and crucial responsibility, and Oklahoma City is well-equipped to meet these expectations.

Our commitment to green initiatives is evident in Oklahoma City’s community gardens, walkable urban layout and eco-friendly transportation options. When you choose OKC for your next meeting, you choose a destination that actively supports and encourages sustainable practices.

Green Meeting Facilities

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Oklahoma City is at the forefront of the green meeting revolution, boasting facilities that offer ample spaces and prioritize eco-friendly practices. 

OKC Convention Center

The Oklahoma City Convention Center was built with sustainability in mind. Overlooking the lush 70-acre Scissortail Park, the center’s commitment to the environment is evident in features like energy-efficient LED lighting, floor-to-ceiling windows on the west side to maximize natural light and comprehensive recycling practices. The commitment extends to water conservation measures in restrooms and a kitchen emphasizing fresh, locally-grown ingredients. 

OKC Convention Center’s partnership with local food banks and homeless community organizations to donate unused food shows its dedication to community and sustainability. Occupancy sensors, electronic monitors and public transportation access further demonstrate their commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Paycom Center

The Paycom Center stands as a model of green operations. From using cloth mop heads and 100% recycled trash bags to implementing Georgia Pacific products that reduce paper waste, the arena is dedicated to environmental stewardship. Its eco-friendly initiatives include auto-flush toilets, automatic faucets, LED lighting and a food diversion program with Levy to repurpose prepared food. The venue doesn't stop there; it utilizes the Waste Not 2.0 system to track and monitor food waste, emphasizing its environmental impact. 

The center's partnerships with locally owned businesses like Bedre Chocolates and La Baguette Bakery through the Made in Oklahoma Coalition showcase its commitment to local sustainability. Using biodegradable materials, reusable items and water bubblers for refilling cups and bottles are other steps the Paycom Center takes to ensure a smaller environmental footprint. Even its sourcing practices with main food purveyors adhere to sustainable agriculture and animal welfare improvements.

Convention Center Skyline in OKC


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Get to and from meetings and events easily on foot! Both the OKC Convention Center and the Paycom Center are conveniently situated in the heart of downtown, making them accessible by foot. This walkability factor is a significant boon for event attendees, who can enjoy a stroll to various restaurants, attractions and parks nearby. 

Those centers are just some of the many meeting venues accessible by foot. It not only enhances the attendee experience but also aligns with the city's green initiatives by reducing the reliance on vehicles, thereby contributing to a lower carbon footprint.

Eco-Friendly Transportation

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If walking isn’t an option, no worries! In Oklahoma City, eco-friendly transportation is both a choice and a convenience, especially around the OKC Convention Center and the Paycom Center. Both venues are well-serviced by various sustainable transport options, making it easy for attendees to navigate the city while minimizing their environmental impact.

EMBARK Streetcars & Buses

EMBARK offers a comprehensive and reliable public transportation network for navigating the metro area. 

Hop aboard EMBARK’s Oklahoma City Streetcar serving Downtown, Bricktown, Automobile Alley and Midtown. EMBARK’s extensive bus network, including the RAPID transit line, serves much of the metro area and gets you where you need to be efficiently and affordably. 

Oklahoma River Cruises

For a unique and scenic mode of transit, check out the Oklahoma River Cruises. From April to December, these cruises provide specialty trips with climate-controlled cabins for comfort. Available Wednesday through Sunday, this is an innovative way to travel through the city and is ADA-accessible.

Bike & Scooter Rentals

Couple these with the availability of bike rentals like EMBARK’s Spokies and scooter rentals from Lime and Bird, and getting around OKC becomes not just accessible but sustainable. 

You no longer have to choose between convenience and eco-friendly options–now you can have both!

Individuals riding their bikes through a park.

Sustainable Hotels

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Oklahoma City's commitment to sustainability is mirrored in its range of eco-conscious accommodations that take care of attendees and feature meeting spaces for added convenience. Here are our top picks:

OKC hotels provide comfort and style and a commitment to a greener future. 

Sustainable Restaurants, Shops & Markets

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A visit to OKC is incomplete without immersing yourself in our vibrant eco-conscious scene. From farm-to-table restaurants bursting with fresh flavors to unique shops and markets brimming with local finds, OKC offers a delightful experience for the sustainably-minded traveler.

Enjoy locally sourced dishes with your team at Red Rooster, which also offers vegan options, and get your caffeine fix before a session at Holey Rollers or Elemental Coffee. When you have free time, you’ll want to hit up Shop Good and Plenty Mercantile–both offer environmentally conscious products perfect for favors and souvenirs. You’ll also want to add one of our many farmers markets to your itinerary.

OKC’s assortment of sustainable restaurants, shops and markets allow planners and attendees to easily support our eco-friendly community while in town.

Green Initiatives

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A City Committed to Sustainability

In Oklahoma City, we like to show our guests rather than tell them about our commitment to sustainability. 

Initiatives like OKC Beautiful and the Green Team showcase our dedication to environmental stewardship, and the redevelopment of Brownfield sites into key venues such as the OKC Convention Center and the First Americans Museum illustrates our innovative approach to sustainable urban development. These efforts not only enhance the city's appeal as a green meeting destination but also provide meeting planners with locations that are both state-of-the-art and environmentally responsible.

Start planning your green meeting in OKC today!