Oklahoma City Facts

  • Oklahoma City is the largest city in the State of Oklahoma with a metro population of more than 1.4 million. 

  • In land area, Oklahoma City is the 8th largest metropolitan in the nation. 

  • The Oklahoma State Capitol is the only capitol in the nation to have held a working oil well on its grounds, with the Petunia #1 rig operating until 2021. 

  • Oklahoma City is the Horse Show Capital of the World. 

  • Oklahoma City residents voted yes to a one-cent-sales-tax initiative bringing more than $7 billion in both private and public investment to the city since 1993. This initiative is called the Metropolitan Area Projects (MAPS) and is currently on the fourth MAPS project. 

  • Oklahoma City has many unique districts that define the city’s culture and embody the Modern Frontier moniker.  

  • The National Stockyards is the world’s largest feeder and stocker cattle market located in Stockyard City. 

  • OKC is home to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Training Site for Canoe/Kayak located in the Boathouse District.  It’s also the nation’s only urban whitewater rafting and kayaking center. 

  • OKC was one of only 14 U.S. cities to gain 100,000 residents from 2010-2020 


The History

Click here for the history on OKC.


Oklahoma City Tourism Numbers

  • Total hotel rooms city-wide: 20,188 (July 2023) 

  • Total hotel rooms in downtown Oklahoma City: 4,919 (July 2023) 

  • Estimated number of out of town visitors: 23.2 Million 

  • Economic Impact of visitors to OKC: $4.3 Billion  

  • Total employees in the hospitality and tourism industry: 33,888

Tourism Economic Impact - Downloadable Fact Sheet 


Transportation Facts

Will Rogers World Airport offers nonstop air service to 28 airports in 24 cities in the U.S., including West and East coast cities. 

The Oklahoma City Streetcar connects visitors to hotels, dining and attractions throughout Downtown, Bricktown, Automobile Alley and Midtown. Seven cars run on two loops, with varying schedules six days a week. With 22 platforms on the 4.7-mile loop, passengers only need to walk a couple blocks to find a platform. Click here to learn more. 

Amtrak service via The Heartland Flyer makes daily runs to Oklahoma City from Fort Worth, Texas. The train arrives at the historic Santa Fe Depot close to the Bricktown Entertainment District. 

Driving to Oklahoma City is easy. We are located at the crossroads of Interstate 35, Interstate 40 and Interstate 44. 

The Modern Frontier is within a day’s drive of many major areas: 

  • 162 miles south of Wichita 

  • 205 miles north of Dallas 

  • 339 miles west of Little Rock 

  • 347 miles northeast of Lubbock 

  • 353 miles southwest of Kansas City 

  • 445 miles northwest of Houston 

  • 470 miles west of Memphis 

  • 501 miles southwest of St. Louis 

  • 680 miles southeast of Denver 


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