In Oklahoma City, we understand the importance of accessibility for all. Our restaurants, hotels and attractions strive to make each experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for everyone, no matter your sensitivity or difference in ability. Visitors of all abilities are invited to start exploring the city’s accessible activities, including wheelchair-friendly experiences, sensory-friendly museums, autism-friendly attractions and more. 


Getting Around

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Navigating Oklahoma City is a breeze, thanks to our range of accessible transportation options. Whether you're using public transit or specialized services, getting around OKC is convenient for travelers of all abilities.

Where to Park

Exploring OKC by car is made easier with ample ADA parking spaces available in all public parking garages across the city. Plus, downtown OKC offers an added convenience: metered parking is complimentary for visitors displaying valid disability parking placards, ensuring stress-free access to the heart of the city.


EMBARK, OKC's comprehensive public transit system, offers a seamless travel experience with its accessible bus, ferry, streetcar and even bike share services. All Embark buses and ferries are equipped with wheelchair lifts, and the streetcars accommodate wheeled mobility devices. 

The system also includes paratransit services for those who need them. With audio announcements, digital boards and visual aids, EMBARK vehicles ensure an inclusive journey for all passengers, including service animals. Plus, the integration of real-time tracking platforms and priority signaling technology, as seen in the new RAPID bus rapid transit service, further enhances accessibility for every traveler in the city.


Medride provides a convenient and reliable transportation option for those with accessibility needs in OKC. Offering services for both non-emergency medical and recreational appointments, Medride ensures a comfortable and secure journey for small parties. 

Their specialized vehicles are designed to accommodate various accessibility requirements.

Things to Do & Attractions

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Oklahoma City prides itself on being inclusive and welcoming to all. Our array of family friendly attractions goes above and beyond to accommodate visitors with diverse needs. Whether you seek mobility assistance, cognitive support, vision aids or hearing services, OKC's landmarks and venues are designed to ensure everyone has an enriching experience.If there’s an attraction you’re planning to visit that’s not listed below, call ahead and let their team ensure your needs will be met. 

Bricktown Water Taxi 

Discover the charm of Oklahoma City's Bricktown Canal with the ADA-accessible Bricktown Water Taxi. Glide along the mile-long canal, surrounded by picturesque scenery and vibrant city life. 

  • Mobility: Each water taxi is equipped with a portable wheelchair ramp and two designated wheelchair locations onboard, complete with secure tie-down straps for safety and comfort. The surrounding Bricktown area also offers accessible pedestrian pathways featuring both elevators and ramps, ensuring a pleasant and inclusive experience for all.

Civic Center Music Hall

The Civic Center Music Hall is a performing arts haven like no other that has accessible seating, assistive listening devices and personal closed captioning. This iconic OKC landmark is a Certified Sensory Inclusive Venue and also provides quiet areas and sensory bags.

  • Mobility: Accessible entrances, seating, restrooms and elevators; courtesy wheelchairs available.

  • Cognition: Certified Sensory Inclusive Venue with quiet areas and sensory bags.

  • Vision/Hearing: Assistive listening devices, personal closed captioning and ASL interpreters available upon request.

Factory Obscura

Factory Obscura's Mix-Tape offers an enchanting, immersive art experience that is fully accessible. With ADA-compliant features and a full-sensory environment, it's a place where everyone can engage with the wonders of creativity and imagination.

  • Mobility: Accessible parking, entrances and restrooms; wheelchair-friendly throughout.

  • Cognition: A sensory-rich setting catering to diverse cognitive experiences.

  • Vision/Hearing: Intentional use of color, lights, vibrations, textures and more to contribute to a more immersive experience.

First Americans Museum

The First Americans Museum invites you to explore the rich history and culture of Oklahoma’s 39 tribal nations. With comprehensive accessibility services including wheelchairs and motorized scooters, it's a space where history is accessible to all.

  • Mobility: Accessible facilities, free wheelchairs and scooters and a universal adult changing table.

  • Cognition: Staff support for customized visits; areas suited for those sensitive to sensory stimulation.

  • Hearing: Complimentary entry for ASL interpreters and accessibility professionals.

Myriad Botanical Gardens 

At Myriad Botanical Gardens, nature's beauty is for everyone to enjoy. The gardens feature the wheelchair-friendly AbilityWhirl in the Children’s Garden and an elevator in the redesigned Crystal Bridge, ensuring a barrier-free experience.

  • Mobility: Crystal Bridge and Children’s Garden are wheelchair accessible, including the AbilityWhirl ride.

  • Cognition: Throughout the year, the attraction hosts special events specifically designed for children with sensory sensitivities. The Gardens also offers a year-round haven: the Sensory Skywalk. This elevated pathway overlooks the conservatory, inviting exploration through interactive displays that engage all senses.

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

The American West at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum is a Certified Autism Center, ensuring a supportive environment with staff trained in autism best practices. Discover the West in a setting that accommodates various needs, from sensory kits to American Sign Language interpreters.

  • Mobility: Wheelchairs and scooters available for free checkout, ensuring easy navigation.

  • Cognition: Certified Autism Center with sensory kits including noise-canceling headphones, weighted lap pads and communication tools.

  • Vision/Hearing: Sensory guides for all spaces and ASL interpreters arranged with advance notice.

Oklahoma Contemporary

Oklahoma Contemporary is OKC’s modern art sanctuary, designed with inclusivity at its core. The center provides wheelchairs, adjustable height tables and benches in galleries for an accessible art experience, complemented by assisted listening devices for theater programs and tours.

  • Mobility: Available wheelchairs, adjustable height tables, benches in galleries and automatic doors.

  • Cognition: Family quiet room to accommodate visitors needing a peaceful space.

Oklahoma City Museum of Art 

The Oklahoma City Museum of Art has an accessible theater showcasing indie films, sensory booster packs available and more. Here you’ll find an inclusive and enriching experience for all art enthusiasts.

  • Mobility: Free accessible parking, ramp access near admissions and accessible theater seating.

  • Cognition: Sensory booster packs available for a tailored museum experience.

  • Vision/Hearing: Assisted listening in the theater, sighted guides available and free admission for companions of visitors with disabilities.

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum 

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum provides a respectful, accessible space for reflection and learning. With wheelchair-friendly entrances and elevators on each level, the museum ensures all guests can comfortably explore the exhibits and pay tribute.

  • Mobility: Wheelchair accessible entrance and floors, elevators and free wheelchair availability.

  • Vision/Hearing: The museum’s Stronger Together app features an ADA-specific tour for guests with vision disabilities. Download the app before your visit. 

Oklahoma City Zoo

The Oklahoma City Zoo is a haven for animal lovers, with plenty of mobility and sensory-friendly options, including quiet zones, sensory bags and weighted lap pads, catering to guests with various needs, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • Mobility: ADA-accessible pathways, exhibits and rentals for wheelchairs and electric convenience vehicles.

  • Cognition: Sensory processing support with quiet zones, sensory bags and weighted lap pads.

Oklahoma History Center

The Oklahoma History Center welcomes all to explore the state's rich past in an accessible setting. Featuring adult changing tables, sensory bags and a variety of tools to assist with cognitive needs, the center is equipped to provide an inclusive historical experience.

  • Mobility: Wheelchair compatible doorways, exhibits and elevators; free wheelchair availability.

  • Cognition: Private room for quiet space, sensory bags, lap blankets and wiggle seats.

  • Vision/Hearing: Braille signage, dimmed lighting, large-print exhibit labels, ZoomText, reading pens, audio tours and closed captioning in exhibits.

Science Museum Oklahoma

Science Museum Oklahoma offers a world of interactive science exploration accessible to everyone. The museum features ADA-accessible facilities, a sensory room for neurodiverse guests and sensory kits, creating a welcoming environment for all curious minds.

  • Mobility: ADA-accessible throughout, free wheelchair reservation and family-style restroom with adult-size changing table.

  • Cognition: Sensory room and kits for guests with neurodiversity and sensory processing needs.

Scissortail Park

Scissortail Park, known as “a park for everyone,” lives up to its name with ADA-accessible pathways, playgrounds and paddle boat rentals. The park's inclusive design and free Silver Flyer golf cart tours make it a perfect spot for a day spent outdoors.

  • Mobility: ADA-accessible pathways, water fountains, exercise stations, paddle boat rentals, accessible playground and golf cart tours.

  • Vision: Scissortail Park offers directional signage in Braille.

SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology

Dive into the fascinating world of bones at SKELETONS: Museum of Osteology. This ADA-accessible museum provides an educational and inclusive experience for anyone fascinated by osteology.

  • Mobility: Accessible parking, zero-step entry, accessible bathrooms and wheelchair availability.

  • Cognition: Sound-dampening ear protection available for sensory processing needs.

Wheeler Ferris Wheel at Wheeler District

The Wheeler Ferris Wheel, set in the picturesque Wheeler District, offers an accessible adventure. Its location seamlessly connects to the Oklahoma River Trails Network for easy navigation.

  • Mobility: ADA parking spaces, ramps for Riverfront Plaza and Ferris Wheel access and ADA-accessible restrooms.

Visit our attractions for even more accessible experiences throughout OKC.

More Accessible-Friendly Services

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Plan Your OKC Trip

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As you plan your trip to the Modern Frontier, you'll find a welcoming community ready to ensure your visit is comfortable, accessible and unforgettable. From our vibrant attractions and accessible public spaces to our supportive services and facilities, OKC is committed to inclusivity for all visitors. Start planning your journey today!