Discover OKC's Asian History and Culture

Oklahoma City boasts a dynamic and growing Asian community, accounting for approximately 4.5% of the city's population. This vibrant and diverse area offers an immersive experience of Asia's rich history and culture. 

While Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May brings a spotlight to this community, Oklahoma City, including the Asian District, is a year-round destination for leisure travelers wanting to explore a variety of restaurants, shops and cultural events. Who says you have to travel across the world to experience Asian culture? We have it here in OKC and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Experience Asian History in OKC

Sign of Asian district

The heart of OKC's Asian culture beats strong in the Asian District. This neighborhood became a refuge for thousands of Vietnamese refugees fleeing the country during the Vietnam War, transforming North Classen Boulevard between 23rd and 30th Street into a bustling hub of Vietnamese culture and influence. Today, the district celebrates a kaleidoscope of Asian heritages and is a living testament to the city's adaptability and resilience. 

You’ll find Oklahoma’s largest Asian population in this district, evident as soon as you arrive, with colorful festivals and an authentic yet innovative food scene. Spend your day checking out the public art installations or scouting the best bubble tea spot. The Asian District is home to the oldest OKC ethnic grocery store here, Super Cao Nguyen, and a Vietnam War memorial paying homage to the veterans from America and South Vietnam at Military Park.

Dine at Asian-Owned Restaurants

The food scene in OKC is as diverse as it is delicious. It's here that you'll find some of the best Asian-owned restaurants in Oklahoma. From the fragrant pho of Vietnamese cuisine at Pho Cuong to the rich flavors of dim sum and Chinese dishes at Golden Phoenix, our Asian community caters to every palate. Want something sweet? Grab Korean-style donuts at Mochinut or Share Tea’s Taiwanese milk tea drinks. Other cuisine styles include Thai, Indian, Japanese and more.

Celebrate Asian Culture

Fully immerse yourself in Asian culture by attending one of the cultural events hosted by the Asian District Cultural Association. 

In the fall, you’ll want to join in on the Asian Night Market Festival, featuring delicious cuisine, a food eating contest, awe-inspiring performances, and a fashion show. Join the city's biggest Lunar New Year festivities in February at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. Embrace the vibrant downtown atmosphere with ethnic cuisine, captivating performances, and fun activities like face painting and crafts. 

Oklahoma City is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore a side of the city different from what they might expect. With its array of Asian-owned businesses and restaurants, it's a place where you can celebrate diversity and indulge in delicious treats from all over the Asian continent and beyond. Check out our action-packed Asian OKC 2-day itinerary for more trip inspiration!