Explore Black Events in OKC

From soul food to jazz rhythms and art exhibitions, Oklahoma’s Black celebrations delight the senses. Oklahoma City's vibrant Black community takes center stage throughout the year with a dazzling array of events, including fun-filled parades, bingo nights and more.  


Delve into the heart of our city's Black heritage and culture at these annual events. Each year, unique experiences showcase the community's richness.

MLK Parade

One of the cornerstone events in OKC’s cultural calendar is the annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Parade in January. This event gathers the community to honor Dr. King’s legacy with a joyful parade through the city. OKC has the third largest Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in the United States according to the Oklahoma City Martin Luther King, Jr. Alliance, Inc..

Schools, businesses and community organizations all come together to create floats and displays reflecting the ideals of equality and justice Dr. King championed. This event aims to inspire and express the city's ongoing commitment to civil rights and community unity. For more details on how to participate or attend, visit the OKC MLK website.

Woman dancing at Juneteenth on the East festival in the East End District

Juneteenth on the East

Juneteenth on the East is an annual celebration marking the end of slavery in the United States. Held in the East End District, this June event features a mix of live music, live murals, and dance and spoken word performances that showcase the talents and contributions of Black Oklahomans. It's a day of reflection, joy and community strengthening, filled with activities suitable for all ages. 

OKC Black Eats Events 

Planning a trip to OKC during Black History Month in February? Don't miss the fun and flavorful OKC Black Restaurant Bingo hosted by OKC Black Eats! Explore and support Black-owned restaurants citywide, indulging in delicious dishes while competing in a bingo game with exciting prizes. 

In May, OKC Black Eats hosts OKC Foodie Fest. This inclusive festival celebrates Oklahoma’s vibrant multicultural culinary scene. Immerse yourself in a world of deliciousness with a wide range of food, desserts and beverages from local and regional vendors. It's not just about the food! Explore unique retail finds while your kids enjoy face painting.  


Oklahoma City boasts vibrant neighborhoods rich with Black history and culture.

Deep Deuce

Once the jazz heart of Oklahoma City, the Deep Deuce District holds a significant place in OKC's Black history. Today, it's a thriving urban neighborhood that nods to its musical past. The area is dotted with art, music venues and restaurants that continue to uplift the cultural legacy of its African American roots. Every day is a celebration of Black history in the Deep Deuce.

East End District

The East End District is not only the gathering place for the Juneteenth celebration but also an up-and-coming area of revitalization that preserves African American history. This district is known for its community events and historical significance, providing a space to come together and learn more about the Black experience in OKC. Visit the East End District any time of year, but especially around Juneteenth.

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