East End District

Three circles filled with East End District photos. First photo is of black crust pizza at Eastside Pizza House, the center photo is a district icon of East End. The third photo is of coffee at Spiked Coffee.

The East End District is in northeast OKC along NE 23rd Street and is experiencing vibrant redevelopment using a community-based approach to ethically preserve African American art and culture. The East End District's food scene continues to expand its offerings, anchored by the state's first James Beard Awardee, Florence's Restaurant, along with bars and restaurants including Polk House, Carican Flavors, Eastside Pizza House, Kindred Spirits and Scrambl’d. Visitors can also enjoy street festivals like Juneteenth on the East and Homecoming Weekend, plus a variety of retail offerings. Spiked Coffee and Belle Books host community events and activities including poetry nights and book releases. The Hamlin Hotel, a new 77-room boutique hotel, is slated to open in Spring 2025.