Tips on How to Explore OKC Sustainably

Making eco-conscious choices is easy in Oklahoma City, thanks to our commitment to a greener future. Sure, we’re known for our vibrant culture and welcoming spirit, but we’re also on a mission to combine urban charm with environmentally responsible practices. We want to see more green cities across the USA, and we’re starting here at home.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned visitor to our wonderful city, this curated list of tips on minimizing your environmental footprint will help you enjoy a guilt-free trip. From eco-friendly transportation options to game-changing city initiatives, let us show you how easy it is to care for the environment while visiting OKC.

  • Leave no trace across Oklahoma City’s beautiful parks and community gardens. As you explore OKC, you'll encounter more parks and community gardens than you can count. Will Rogers Gardens, a botanical wonderland, invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of horticultural preservation. Martin Park Nature Center boasts scenic trails through a wildlife sanctuary, coupled with a hands-on educational facility and a watchtower for an unforgettable day out in nature.

    For those who prefer urban adventures, Scissortail Park and Myriad Botanical Gardens are conveniently located near downtown attractions, making it easier than ever to pop in for a breath of fresh air. These urban parks are pillars of sustainable urban planning and our vision for a greener future. Remember to be environmentally responsible when you visit—dispose of trash thoughtfully, tread lightly and savor the natural beauty of these sanctuaries.

A field of flowers at Will Rogers Gardens

  • Use various modes of eco-friendly transportation. Getting around OKC sustainably is a breeze, thanks to a variety of car-free options. We’ve been expanding our network of walking and bike trails. The trails are now even more accessible, thanks to improved signage that guides your way.

    If you need to reach a destination quickly, hop on the OKC Streetcar or OKC Bus, part of the metro transit system, EMBARK, which services the greater Oklahoma City area. For a fun and green twist on your journey, consider renting e-scooters from Lime and Bird Scooters, both available in OKC. And if you're looking for a leisurely ride, Spokies offers bike rentals as part of the city's bike share program via EMBARK. There are also plenty of bike rental outfitters throughout OKC.

Groups entering and exiting Thunder-themed OKC Streetcar at route stop in downtown Oklahoma City

  • Attend these sustainable events in Oklahoma City. Celebrate Earth Day or attend the Oklahoma Wind Festival at Scissortail Park, where you can immerse yourself in nature while learning about sustainable practices.

    Join Downtown OKC's "Ride Your Bike to Work Day" to reduce your carbon footprint and embrace eco-friendly commuting. Get involved with OKC Beautiful's LitterBlitz program, which encourages neighborhood cleanups throughout the year, especially in the lead-up to the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon. Additionally, visit any one of the seasonal and year-round farmers markets for ethically sourced items and farm-fresh produce. These events promote environmental stewardship and foster a sense of community and sustainability in Oklahoma City.
  • Check out sustainable initiatives. OKC’s sustainable initiatives extend to lodging, museums and meeting spaces, making your stay in the city not only enjoyable but environmentally conscious. Former Brownfield sites, once environmental challenges, have been transformed into thriving spaces that showcase the city's commitment to revitalization.

    The iconic Skirvin Hilton and the innovative First Americans Museum are prime examples of these initiatives, with their dedication to land revitalization and sustainability. Additionally, the Oklahoma City Convention Center sets the standard for eco-friendly meeting spaces, embracing green practices to reduce its environmental impact. We’re dedicated to keeping the city clean and green, and the Downtown OKC Green Team works tirelessly, offering services like trash removal, street vacuuming and graffiti removal within the downtown districts. To top it all off, OKC Beautiful's Recycle Bin Loan Program encourages recycling, promoting responsible waste management throughout the city.

Continue your sustainable tour through OKC by visiting eco-friendly restaurants, shops and markets in OKC.