Once one of OKC’s best-kept secrets, the word is out now that OKC’s mural game is strong. In 2021 and 2022, we turned some heads nationally when voted by USA Today’s 10 Best as “Best City for Street Art.”  

Street art aficionados and artists seek us out to see what all the commotion is about. It may seem like an overnight success, but in actuality, all of this is the culmination of decades worth of effort from our well-established street art community.  


What makes mural chasing in OKC so interesting and exciting is you literally don’t know where the next one is going to pop up. While there is heavier concentration in some areas, beautiful murals adorn every one of our districts and beyond. Since there is so much ground to cover and many murals to see, we’ve gathered a few spots where you can take in several murals at once. 



Many first-time visitors land in Bricktown for their stay. You won’t have to go far here to experience your first OKC mural encounter. Some of the most visible installations can be found in the underpasses that run beneath the railroad that separates Bricktown from City Center. Keep an eye out for others scattered along the canal, in the alleyways and near businesses. Also, don’t miss the murals painted by local artists on the exteriors of the water taxi boats themselves! 


Plaza District 

Garnering much attention for their Plaza Walls Mural Expo, you can find offerings by local and international artists alike throughout the Plaza District. This district took a largely unused back alley stretch and turned it into a street art connoisseur's dream. Every vertical surface is transformed into a professional art exhibition. It doesn’t stop there either. Almost every empty wall in this district has been filled with masterfully crafted street art. 


West Village District

Known as a hub of creative energy, the West Village District is home to 21c Museum Hotel, the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the Civic Center. It also has its fair share of street art. The public art you find here is a great example of how the city itself has embraced its status as an emerging art destination. The greatest works you will find in this district are proudly emblazoned on private businesses and soaring across multi-story parking garages. 


Automobile Alley 

The mural chasing experience in Automobile Alley is a unique one. While a few traditional murals are scattered through the district, you don’t want to miss out on the district's fun Door Tour. The Door Tour features 21 artists, illustrators and commercial artists who have taken over the back alley doors as their personal canvases. Stroll safely through back alleys checking out each one, by using the Door Tour Map. Above all, you won’t want to miss the wild fever dream-like exterior of Factory Obscura while you are in the area. Much like Factory Obscura’s experiential art experience inside, this mind-altering exterior is a joyous monument for curiosity and creativity.   


We hope this gets you started on your mural-chasing adventure! This list is just the beginning. The best way to explore our city’s rich street art scene is to get out and explore its districts for yourself. More often than not it will find you when you least expect it.