Public Art in OKC

Take a stroll and enjoy vibrant murals and sculptures that capture OKC's creative spirit.

@Muralist: Nick Bayer

Art in the City


Ranked number one in the nation for street art by USA Today, Oklahoma City is emerging as a destination city for creatives, artists, and pioneers of all types. 

Staying true to our maverick trailblazing roots, Oklahoma City offers up a unique public art experience all its own. Our Skydance Bridge stands tall as an architectural ambassador welcoming visitors and locals alike as a premier OKC selfie spot.  

Murals splash color and movement across the landscape of each of our districts, bringing an exuberant energy to our open spaces. Sculptures from the modern to the classical to the down-right quirky adorn our sidewalks, parks and public spaces. Night falls and OKC transforms into a landscape of light carved out by LED light shows, beautifully bent neon and interactive public art installations.  

Everywhere you look, our city's vibrant creative culture is constantly bubbling up to the surface. In an art city finding its stride, creative expression is always just around the corner in the Modern Frontier.  

Check out these resources to help you curate a vibrant OKC public art experience: 


Art In OKC

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