Cowboy Couture

If you’re looking for something western to add to your souvenir list, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a few suggestions for where to go when looking for a new pair of boots, that perfect hat or something fun for your home on (or off) the range.

Stockyards City is the best place to start for all things western in OKC. A short drive west of downtown, Stockyards City is home to the Oklahoma National Stockyards, the famous Cattlemen’s Steakhouse and a number of Western shops. This is where real cowboys shop, but city-folk are certainly welcome. Located in the heart of Stockyards City at the corner of S. Agnew Avenue and Exchange Avenue is Langston’s, which has been selling western wear in OKC since 1913. Their selection of boots, jeans, western shirts and cowboy hats for men, women and children is hard to beat.

Need some boots to scoot? Maybe some new dungarees or other apparel? Head for Little Joe’s Boots, which has been around since the 1950s. Perhaps the OG of custom headwear is Shorty’s Caboy Hattery. Lavonna "Shorty" Koger started her shop in 1990 and has been making some of the best custom cowboy hats around ever since. Known for handcrafted stitching, fun designs/colors and impressive detail, Shorty’s hats are unique and of incredibly high quality.

Next, take a trip the beautifully restored First National Center in downtown OKC. Inside, you'll find Lucchese Boot Company, where they build the world finest handmade boots. They are truly luxury. If you’re looking to wow your cowboy, a trip to Lucchese for a pair of boots will certainly do the trick! Also located in the First National is King Ranch Saddle Shop, they offer everything from leather goods, saddles, cowboy boots and apparel to home goods, luggage and more for those who love everyday ranch wear and quality craftmanship.

While this list is far from exhaustive, it’s definitely a good start for those looking to take a little bit of the American West home with them.

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