Whether you like to use BBQ, Bar-b-q, Barbecue or ‘Cue, there is no replacement for the delicious smoked meats that are coming out of Oklahoma.

Considering our state's deep-rooted love for good food, we have compiled a list of some of the tastiest barbecue restaurants this city has to offer! Whether you like it smothered in sticky sauce, dry-rubbed or just salt and peppered, this list offers something that everyone will enjoy.

Barbecue in Oklahoma City is not limited to one specific kind of meat or preparation style. Instead, Oklahoma barbeque hits a perfect balance between famous regional styles across the United States, being not as saucy as some, but also not as reliant on powerful dry rubs as others. So, grab your smoke goggles, and follow us as we take you through the belly of the pit.


Clark Crew BBQ

Looking for competition quality BBQ without becoming a competitor yourself? Clark Crew BBQ, just South of Lake Hefner, offers up some of the best award-winning ‘cue in the city with endless combinations of delectable options that any food lover would appreciate.

Some of their most mouthwatering options include their competition-quality brisket, pulled pork, championship-winning BBQ beans, brisket burnt ends, wood-fire pizza, and of course, house-made desserts like their award-winning pecan pie trifle. 

With more than 700 Top-10 awards and world championships under their belt, it is no wonder that Clark Crew BBQ is an establishment worthy of repeat visits. 


Leo’s BBQ

Located in its original humble venue in the heart of Oklahoma City, Leo’s has taken pride in serving its customers some of the most genuine Oklahoma barbeque since opening in 1974.

With a mouthwatering collection of ribs, smoked chicken, hot links, smoked bologna, salads and fresh sides, one of the hardest parts of the Leo’s dining experience is just choosing what to eat. But no matter what combination you choose, be sure to leave extra room for dessert as Leo’s offers a complimentary slice of homemade banana strawberry cake with every order!

You cannot hide the fact that you took a trip to Leo’s as the savory smell of the hickory smoke used to craft their delicious concoctions will perfume your clothes with a scent that even your worst enemies would be jealous of!


Iron Star Urban BBQ

After opening its doors in 2002, Iron Star Urban BBQ has continued to offer up delectable options filled with true smokehouse flavor. From some of the best ribs in town, unique cocktails, fresh salads with house-made pickles and even dessert options from the locally operated Pie Junkie, Iron Star offers a multitude of options to fit even the pickiest eaters! If BBQ is not your thing, Iron Star also offers an option where you can order 3-4 of their signature sides as your main dish.

Their food coupled with a relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere makes Iron Star Urban BBQ an ideal spot for date night, birthday meals, lunch with coworkers or even events! Make sure you’re hungry when coming to Iron Star Urban BBQ, there are plenty of amazing options to eat.


Back Door Barbecue

Voted “Best Ribs in OKC” by Barbecue Eaters Anonymous and with the motto “If it can fit in our smoker, we’ll smoke it”, it is no surprise that Back Door Barbecue offers up some of the tastiest options on our list. While they offer patrons traditional barbecue offerings, Back Door shows its uniqueness through offerings like the “PB&J” (pulled pork, brisket and jalapeno) sandwich, smoked duck, smoked lamb, pickled fried okra and what they coin as “Oklahoma Prime Rib” (smoked bologna). This, coupled with their 5 homemade barbecue sauces which include: classic, hot, mustard, sweet and even espresso makes for an endless list of unique flavor combinations to experiment with!

Come explore Uptown 23rd St. and the fine art of smoked meat perfection at Back Door Barbecue for your next Oklahoma City outing!


Bedlam Bar-B-Q

Bedlam Bar-B-Q likes to prepare their meats in the traditional style of curing and dry-rub applications, with family recipes that have been held to high scrutiny to ensure that their original standards remain consistent for their customers to enjoy. Since its start in 2003, Bedlam has been offering up some of the most classic Oklahoma barbecue around. With one of the most magical patios in the city complemented with live music every Saturday night!

Some of their most popular offerings include ribs, sliced brisket, jalapeno sausage, tabouli, peach cobbler and freshly brewed Malaki tea. Be prepared to leave with your belt undone a few notches because the food at Bedlam BBQ will have you wishing you can lick your plate clean!

Come explore the Adventure District and discover the traditional style at Bedlam Bar-B-Q for your next Oklahoma City adventure!


Blu’s BBQ and Burgers

Unlike most scent-related scenarios involving pits, Blu’s will have you eager to smell their pits any chance you can get! You will be greeted by the savory aroma of fresh and delicious BBQ when you pull into the parking lot.

Specializing in a quality product with full flavor, Blu’s pride themselves in their extraordinary meats that are smoked to perfection. Whether you choose their ribs, smoked chicken, pulled pork or their famous “Loaded Murphy” baked potatoes, Blu’s will never leave a customer unsatisfied.

Leaving some room for dessert is a must since the servers walk around with delicious complimentary cookies for after you finish your meal!

Experience OKC’s City Center and enjoy the extraordinary meats smoked to perfection at Blu’s BBQ and Burgers.

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