Bicyclists and nature fans alike will enjoy miles of trails running through the heart of Oklahoma City. Next time you visit, bring your bike or running shoes along! Here are some of the best places you can get started.



Bert Cooper Trail

Located around Lake Hefner between NW Grand Boulevard and Hefner Road are 9.8 miles of asphalt and concrete multi-use trails. This trail connects to the Hefner-Overholser Trail near Britton Road on the west side of the lake. Whether you're on a bike or on foot, much of the trail follows along the lake's shoreline and offers scenic water views. Pack a picnic and walk down the peninsula to the lighthouse for breathtaking sunset views.


Bluff Creek Trail

Bluff Creek Park is a patch of woodlands in the middle of the city. If you keep an eye out, you can spot deer! The park offers picnic pavilions, open field space for various sports, free parking and trail access with two different trail options. The 1-mile asphalt loop is for running or walking only while the 3.5-mile network of dirt trails is for off-road mountain biking. Read our guide to Bluff Creek via mountain bike.


Hefner-Overholser Trail

This trail runs from Britton Road at Lake Hefner Drive to NW 39th Street at Overholser Drive. Most of the path is dedicated trail space, with approximately two miles of on-street biking trail. The Hefner-Overholser trail is 7.8-miles long and connects to the Bert Cooper Trails, Overholser Trail and West River Trail (via Overholser Trail). The passing lakes are hotspots for local birders to see waterfowl, loons, grebes, shorebirds, gulls and terns. Rare species have also been spotted here, so keep an eye out the next time you decide to explore this trail.


Lake Stanley Draper Trail

The Lake Stanley Draper Trail is a 14-mile, moderately trafficked loop trail around Lake Stanley Draper, offering the chance to see wildlife on the route. The wide, ADA-compliant asphalt trail with a concrete curb line is for walkers, runners and cyclists. Because of the hills along the side of the lake, it has more elevation changes than other trails in Oklahoma City.



Oklahoma River Trails

If you're looking to see more of the OKC skyline and get views of the river, this is the trail to take! Two trails run from Meridian Avenue (north) and Portland Avenue (south) along Oklahoma River Corridor and the Boathouse District to I-35. This trail is 13 miles in total and connects to the Bricktown Trail (under I-40 Bridge at Chesapeake Boathouse), Katy Trail, West River Trail, Lightning Creek Trail and the South Grand Trail.


Overholser Trail

With 3.2 miles in length, the Overholser Trail runs from NW 39th Street and Overholser Drive along the east side of Lake Overholser to Overholser Park at NW 10th Street. This trail connects to the Hefner-Overholser Trail/Hefner Trail (North) and West River Trail/Oklahoma River Trails (South). With freshly paved concrete pathways that encircle the lake, this trail offers enthusiasts a smooth experience no matter their preferred mode of transportation.

Explore more trails in OKC. An interactive map is available at to help you plan your outing.