With warm temperatures and plenty of daylight, it's the perfect time of year to get out and play disc golf. Oklahoma City is home to four beautiful courses and hosts multiple tournaments throughout the year. Whether you’re hoping to play a few holes yourself or looking to see the pros compete, OKC is the perfect destination for fans of disc golf. 

One of the most popular disc golf courses in the Modern Frontier is at Dolese Park in Northwest Oklahoma City. A complete, 36-hole course stretching 4,878 feet through the serene, wooded areas near the Dolese Youth Park Pond, this Mach 3 course is perfect for everyone. 

Dolese Park has plenty of trees to shade you from the heat while you’re tossing the disc around and features open pathways with plenty of space to enjoy playing a solo round or competing against your friends. 

Starting on the north side of the park near NW 57th Street, you’ll get multiple breathtaking glimpses of the pond as you play through one of OKC’s most popular disc golf courses. 

If you need supplies before you get on the course, stop by Quick Bee Disc Golf Accessories on the corner of Meridian and NW 50th Street across from Dolese Park. 

Located on SE 29th Street in south OKC, Trosper Park is home to an 18-hole disc golf course with plenty of forested areas as well as a variety of different distances and shot shapes to provide for a fun, unique round of disc golf.  

If you’re looking to break away from a typical beginner's course or are looking for more of a challenge, Trosper Park is the place for you.  

The beautiful Will Rogers Park also has an incredible area for disc golf that is sure to take your breath away. The park itself is adorned by a gorgeous display of flowers and other greenery and is complete with streams and other waterways that make the course one of the most eye-grabbing in OKC. 

Stretching 4,410 feet over 18 holes, the rolling hills and slopes only add to the scenery and make the course more enjoyable. If you’re a disc golf fan, you’ll want to play at Will Rogers Park.  

One of the most unique disc golf courses is in the heart of Oklahoma City.  

Ace’s Downtown Mini, a five-hole course situated in downtown OKC, takes you around the Oklahoma Shirt Company’s warehouse building, past the Ninth Street Parking Lot, down alleyways and between various businesses with the final hole standing just outside of Ace’s Disc Golf Supply, right next door to Kamp’s Cafe. With a playing time of around 30 minutes, this course is perfect for a quick round of disc golf before you head off to dinner or another event. 

An unexpected spot for a disc golf course, the course’s first hole is located on the corner of NW 10th Street and Oklahoma Ave in OKC’s Automobile Alley District.  

If you want to play in a tournament or just want to watch disc golf, there is an upcoming major event in Oklahoma City this summer.  

From August 10-11, the aforementioned parks will also host the 33rd Annual Okie Doubles, a four-round doubles tournament with male, female and mixed divisions. If you’re looking to test out the competition but aren’t quite ready to compete against professionals, this is the perfect event for you. 

Grad your discs and head to one of these beautiful courses in OKC for a round of disc golf with friends!